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About TASA

TASA aims to:

  • further sociology in Australia
  • provide a network for sociologists in Australia
  • further links with other sociological associations
  • address issues of relevance to Australian sociologists.

TASA began its life in 1963 as the Sociological Association of Australia and New Zealand (SAANZ) and incorporated in 1968. In 1988 the association changed its name to TASA. TASA members include sociologists and social scientists consisting of academics, postgraduate and undergraduate students, public servants, consultants and social researchers.

TASA holds annual conferences and produces two refereed journals (JoS & HSR), a triannual newsletter, a membership directory, Directory of Research Expertise, a web site and maintains a weekly Members’ Newsletter. It bestows several prestigious awards, including the Jean Martin Award for best PhD, the Best Paper in the Journal of Sociology Award, the Best Paper in the Health Sociology Review Award and the occasional Services to Australian Sociology Award. TASA Inc. is a non-profit association, incorporated in the ACT (Incorporation number: A00125), and its ABN is No: 17 398 473 186.

TASA is a ‘collective member’ of the International Sociological Association (ISA). In September 2010, ISA published the first issue of Global Dialogue.

TASA is also a ‘collective member’ of CHASS who is the peak body of the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

Web pages on TASA’s History were added to TASAweb in 2013. The TASA History content was assembled by Fran Collyer, with the assistance of Simon Factor and David Factor, all based at the University of Sydney. The TASA History content will need to be continually updated and corrected as new materials come to hand. There are many areas where our historical records are sketchy, and our collective memories a little vague. If readers have information to assist with updating or correcting the TASA History content, please email our TASA Office. We welcome your comments and suggestions.