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2017 Annual General Meeting Agenda


Wednesday 29 NOVEMBER 2017

4.45pm – 5.45pm | Social Science Lecture Theatre

  1. President’s Welcome and Overview
  2. Apologies
  3. Business Arising
  4. Acceptance of 2016 Minutes
  5. Presentation of Financial Statements
  6. Questions on Matters in the 2017 Annual Report

Motions to amend constitution*

  1. Motion 1: Section 14 (ii) will now read ‘The Secretary shall determine the date upon which nominations for each office shall close, and shall forthwith notify members of that date, being not less than two months before the Annual General Meeting (AGM)in the year in which election of Executive members is to take place. The AGM is held annually in November or as determined by the Executive.
  2. Motion 2: Section 16 will now read ‘All elected members of the Executive Committee hold office for a period of approximatelytwo years, commencing on January 1st at the AGM in the year after elections are held’
  3. Motion 3: Section 14 (iv) will now read ‘Where more nominations are received as aforesaid than are required for any office, the Secretary shall ballot members by notifying members at least 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting, of names of persons nominated, together with a ballot paper and such other information and requirement as the Secretary may determine, at least 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. the method by which the TASA executive has determined to conduct the ballot, and the date and time that the ballot will close. A simple majority of ballot votes cast in the manner, and within the time so prescribed by the Secretary, shall determine the successful contender for any office. The ballot will be undertaken using an optional preference method, whereby members can if they desire, number their preferred candidates in order. Candidates with a majority of votes after preferences, shall be determined by the secretary as the successful contender for each office.’
  4. Other Business

* bold/underline indicates new words, strikeout indicates words to be removed