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Athol Congalton

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Athol Alexander Congalton was born the 1920s in New Zealand. Congalton attained his MA and DipEd in his home country, remaining there to take a position in 1947 as Lecturer in Psychology at the Victoria University of Wellington. Awarded a Rockefeller Senior Fellowship in 1955, Congalton was able to continue his research abroad in the United States, Denmark and the United Kingdom. In 1956, Congalton took up the post of the Chief of Mission for a UNESCO Technical Assistance Mission to Jordan (1956-57) and subsequently Chief of a similar Mission to Afghanistan (1957-58). At the conclusion of these appointments, Congalton moved to the University of New South Wales where he took on the role of Guidance Officer for two years in the Department of Education before progressing through to Professor of Sociology. Congalton was well known for his work on social status and stratification, his investigations into nursing and his undergraduate texts on health sociology. The Individual in the Making: An Introduction to Sociology (1976) (co-authored with Ann Daniel), was one of Australia’s earliest sociology text books. Congalton also gained wide recognition for his research on the prestige ranking of occupations, notably with his book Social Standing of Occupations in Sydney (1974) and his extensive work in the field of surveys and questionnaire design.