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Bryan Stanley Turner was born in Birmingham, England on 14th January 1945. Undertaking his studies in sociology at the University of Leeds, Turner achieved first class honours in 1966 before obtaining his PhD in 1970. After completing his first book Islam and Weber in 1974, Turner went on to establish an international reputation in the sociology of religion, and has published extensively with numerous books, chapters and journal articles on a wide range topics from citizenship and human rights, to issues around the body, globalisation and classical social theory. His book Body and Society: Explorations in Social Theory is now in its third edition (2008) and remains a highly influential text in its field. Turner was the founding editor of the Journal of Classical Sociology (with John O’Neill) and also Citizenship Studies. A prolific traveller, Turner has held professorial positions at University’s across the world, including the University of Essex, Flinders University, University of Utrecht, Deakin University, Cambridge University and the National University of Singapore. In recognition of his significant contribution to sociology, Turner has been awarded several honorary degrees, notably a Doctor of Letters at both Flinders University and the University of Cambridge. Turner was president of TASA from 1995-1996. His recent academic posts include Presidential Professor of Sociology and Director of the Religion Committee at The Graduate Center at the City University of New York, as well as Professor of Social and Political Thought and Director of the Religion and Society Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney, and, in 2013, visiting Professor at the University of Sydney. Turner is a Fellow of The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.