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Gary Easthope

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Gary Easthope was born on 29th May 1945 in Liverpool, England. He completed his Bachelor of Arts (1966) and Masters (1967) in sociology at the University of Leeds. Following a brief stint as a secondary school teacher in Essex, Easthope moved into the academy, first as an Assistant Researcher at the University of Exeter and later as Lecturer at the New University of Ulster (1971-73). He completed his PhD at the University of Exeter (1973) during this period. Easthope went on to lecture at the University of East Anglia (1973-1980) and, in between, was a part-time Lecturer in Montreal, Canada, at McGill and Concordia Universities (1977-78). In 1980 he moved to Australia and took up a lecturing position at the University of Tasmania. It was here that Easthope made his mark in Australian sociology, moving up the ranks to head the department (1997-98) and eventually become Head of Discipline (2001-2002). Between a handful of overseas appointments, including at the University of South Florida (1983) and Stirling University (1991), Easthope supervised many students who would later fill positions in various academic departments. He has published widely and eclectically in the sociology of health and illness and the sociology of education. On these subjects, Easthope has not only written numerous commissioned reports, journal articles and book chapters but authored and co-authored six books, including The Practice of Teaching: A Sociological Perspective (co-authored with C. Easthope and R. Maclean, and now in its second edition, 1990) and most recently, Lifestyle in Medicine (with Emily Hansen, 2007). Easthope retired in 2007 and, when not travelling, volunteers as a crew member on the Lady Nelson, a square-rigged sailing ship that operates in Hobart.