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John Braithwaite

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John Braithwaite was born in Ipswich, Queensland on the 30th July 1951. He began his studies at the University of Queensland, completing Honours in anthropology and sociology (1972) before undertaking his PhD in sociology (1977). Braithwaite has held posts as visiting fellow at the American Bar Foundation as well as Meyer Visiting Research Professor at New York University Law School. In Australia he has held various positions at Griffith University, the University of Queensland and the Australian National University, where he currently serves as Distinguished Professor. Braithwaite has published extensively on business regulation and the problem of crime, with over 20 co-published books, including the widely cited Crime, Shame and Reintegration (1989) and Global Business Regulation, co-authored with Peter Drahos (2000). For his wide ranging contributions to the areas of responsive regulation and restorative justice over the last 40 years—both in and outside the academy—Braithwaite has received numerous international prizes and awards. Braithwaite is currently undertaking a 20 year comparative project called ‘Peacebuilding Compared’, with Hilary Charlesworth, Valerie Braithwaite and Kate Macfarlane.