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Malcolm Waters

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Malcolm James WATERS was born in 1946, London UK; to Canada 1968; to Australia 1977. BA 1968 Kent, MA 1970, PhD 1976 Carleton. Assistant Professor, Dalhousie 1974-6, Lecturer to Senior Lecturer to Reader to Professor, Tasmania 1977-2000. Dean of Arts 1995-2000. Co-editor ANZJS 1993-7. Professor Emeritus, Tasmania 2000. Resides in Hobart. Early work on higher education and industrial conflict (see Strikes in Australia 1979). Moved on to emprical work in stratification especially on the professional middle class. Wrote influential text books (Sociology One 1989 – co authored with Rodney Crook; Modern Sociological Theory 1994). Recognised internationally for theorising long-term social change, in collaboration with Stephen Crook and Jan Pakulski (Postmodernization 1992; Globalization 1995; Death of Class 1996), and for articles on collegial organisations (see esp. AJS 94(5):945-72). The former work was controversial because it argued that global society was moving into an era that differed fundamentally and structurally from the preceeding industrial era. This led to a critique of the predominant class theoretical paradigm which Waters and his colleagues claimed had collapsed. Waters was elected to FASSA in 1997. The citation reads: ‘Professor Waters is one of Australia’s leading sociological theorists and has made a distinguished contribution to the intellectual mapping and critical analysis of political sociology, industrial sociology and social class. He is a leader in research on theories of globalisation’.