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Margaret Sargent

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Born on 4 June 1928
Passed away on 13 March 2015
Aged 86 years

Margaret Sargent was born was born in Birmingham, England in 1928. Sargent’s studies began in psychology, firstly at Birmingham University, where she also completed a BA (Honours) in philosophy and music, and later at Cambridge University, gaining Honours in 1952. Before making a transition to sociology with the completion of her PhD at the University of New South Wales, Sargent practiced as a clinical psychologist in the UK, Japan and Australia. During her time in Japan she lectured in psychology at four universities (1952-58). Transferring to sociology, Sargent took up posts as Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Sydney (1974-77) and Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Sydney (1977-88). Sargent conducted pioneering research into the social relations of alcoholism, becoming one of the first Australian health sociologists. Sargent also focused critical attention on issues concerning drugs, women, violence, ageing and music, and is well known for her multi-volume book Sociology in Australia first published in 1983. These interests have been expressed beyond the University, as she has been active as a volunteer in many organisations, including the Council on Violence against Women and the Older Women’s Network. For her wide contribution to issues of women and ageing, Sargent received the Premier’s Award for service to older women. Margaret Sargent has since retired from formal academic duties but continues to research and write, publishing Older and Bolder: Challenges of Aging, a book on older women’s health in 2007.

Dr Margaret Sargent 1928-2015
Feminist, Sociologist, Activist, Writer.
Obiturary by Peter Khoury