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TASA Prizes and Awards

TASA currently offers eight major awards and prizes.

Jean Martin Award

The Jean Martin Award was established in 1980 and is granted bi- annually to the best PhD thesis in a social science discipline submitted to the Award Committee from an Australian tertiary institution. The inaugural recipient was Claire Williams, whose PhD was published as Open Cut by Allen and Unwin.

Claire Williams photo

Claire Williams







Recipients of the Jean Martin Award:

2013: Xiaoying Sheila Qi

2011: Katherine Carroll

2009: Peter Nugus

2007: Belinda Hewitt

2005: Sarah Maddison

2003: Millsom S. Henry-Waring

2001: Dimitria Giorgas and S. Caroline Taylor (joint recipients)

1999: Adam Possamai

1997: Vera Ranki

1995: Supriya Singh

1993: Diana Olsberg

1991: Kerry Carrington

1989: Loucas Nicolaou

1987: Andrew Metcalfe

1985: Claudia Knapman

1982: Evan Willis

1980: Claire Williams

Best Paper in the Journal of Sociology Award

The Best Paper in the Journal of Sociology Award is given to a paper judged by the panel to be the best published in the previous two years of the journal; the inaugural recipient was Eric Livingstone in 1995.

Recipients of the Best Paper in the Journal Award (JOS and ANZJS)

2014: Gerard Delanty (2014) “The prospects of cosmopolitanism and the possibility of global justice”, Journal of Sociology. Vol 50 (2): 213-228.

2012: Andy Furlong, Dan Woodman and Johanna Wyn ‘Changing times, changing perspectives: Reconciling ‘transition’ and ‘cultural’ perspectives on youth and young adulthood’, Journal of Sociology 47:355.

2010: Brad West ‘Collective memory and crisis: the 2002 Bali bombing, national heroic archetypes and the counter-narrative of cosmopolitan nationalism’, Journal of Sociology.

2008: Amanda Hosking and Mark Western (2008) ‘The effects of non-standard employment on work—family conflict’ Journal of Sociology 44(1):5-27.

2006: Timothy Phillips and Philip Smith (2004) ‘Emotional and behavioral responses to everyday incivility: challenging the fear/avoidance paradigm’ Journal of Sociology 40(4):378-399.

2003: Ian Woodward ‘Divergent narratives in the imagining of the home amongst middle-class consumers: Aesthetics, comfort and the symbolic boundaries of self and home’, Journal of Sociology 39(4):391-412.

2001: Philip Smith and Tim Phillips ‘Popular understandings of “unAustralian”: an investigation of the un-national’, Journal of Sociology 37(4):323-339.

1999: Marion Collis ‘Marital conflict and men’s leisure: how women negotiate male power in a small mining community’, Journal of Sociology 35(1).

1997: Michael Emmison ‘Transformations of taste: Americanisation, generational change and Australian cultural consumption’, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology 33(3).

1995: Eric Livingston ‘The idiosyncratic specificity of the methods of physical experimentation’, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology, 31.

Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology Award

In 1996, the Association introduced the Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology Award, and its inaugural recipients were Lois Bryson and John Western.

Lois Joyce Bryson image

Lois Joyce Bryson

John Stuart Western image

John Stuart Western

Recipients of the Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology Award:

2014: Emirtus Professor Riaz Hassan

2013: Professor Evan Willis acceptance speech &  Emirtus Professor Gary Bouma acceptance speech

2007: Raewyn Connell

2004: Katy Richmond

2000: Cora Baldock

1996: Lois Bryson and John Western.

Stephen Crook Memorial Prize

The Stephen Crook Memorial Prize was established in 2003 and is given bi-annually to the best authored monograph in the discipline of Sociology published by an Australian sociologist; the inaugural recipient was Michael Pusey.

Recipients of the Stephen Crook Memorial Prize:

2014: Fran Collyer – Mapping the Sociology of Health and Medicine: America, Britain and Australia Compared. Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (2012).

2012: Rob White – Transnational Environmental Crime: Toward an Eco-global Criminology. Routledge: Willan 2011.

2010: Jack Barbalet – Weber, Passion and Profits: ‘The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism’ in Context. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2008.

2008: Raewyn Connell – Southern Theory: The Global Dynamics of Knowledge in Social Science. Allen and Unwin 2007.

Raewyn Connell photo

Raewyn Connell







2005: Jan Pakulski – Globalising Inequalities: New Patterns of Social Privilege and Disadvantage. Allen and Unwin 2005.

2003: Michael Pusey – The Experience of Middle Australia: The Dark Side of Economic Reform. Cambridge University Press 2003.

Raewyn Connell Prize

In 2010, the Raewyn Connell Prize was established and is awarded biannually to the best authored, first monograph within the discipline of Sociology. The first recipient was Peter Robinson for his book The Changing World of Gay Men.

Recipients of the Raewyn Connell Prize

2014: Shanthi Robertson – Transnational Student-Migrants and the State. Palgrave Macmillan(2013).

2012: Catherine Robinson – Beside One’s Self: Homelessness Felt and Lived. Syracuse University Press 2011.

2010: Peter Robinson – The Changing World of Gay Men. Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan 2008.

Outstanding Service to TASA Award

2010 also marked the year of the inauguration of the Outstanding Service to TASA Award, given to a TASA member who has demonstrated an outstanding level of participation in and promotion of TASA over a number of years; the inaugural recipient was John Germov.

John Germov image






Recipients of the Outstanding Service to TASA Award

2014: Sharyn Roach Anleu

2013: Eileen Clark

2010: John Germov.

The Association also awards the TASA/AASR Postgraduate Conference Scholarship, established in 2003; the TASA conference Scholarship for Sociologists Outside Academe, first awarded in 2008; the Jerzy Zubrzycki Postgraduate Conference Scholarship, inaugurated in 2011; and the Conference Scholarship for TASA Members with Disabilities, established in 2011. The Honours Award was also established in 2011 and there are a number of other undergraduate awards given in the name of TASA at individual universities including: the Murdoch University Annual Prize; the John Western Sociology Prize at the University of Queensland; the Prize for Excellence in Sociology at the University of Newcastle; and the Central Queensland University Awards.

In 2014, the Executive established two new Awards for inauguration in 2015:

  1. TASA Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching in Australian Sociology
  2. TASA Sociology in Action Award