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February wrap up: Journal articles by TASA members

Strengers, Y. Nicholls, L. (published online 21/2/17), ‘Convenience and energy consumption in the smart home of the future: industry visions from Australia and beyond.’ Energy Research and Social Science.

Strengers, Y. Maller, C. (published online 16/2/17), ‘Adapting to ‘extreme’ weather: mobile practice memories of keeping warm and cool as a climate change adaptation strategy’, Environment and Planning A. 

Kim Jose, Alison Venn, Melanie Sharman, Stephen Wilkinson, Danielle Williams & Douglas Ezzy (2017). Understanding the gendered nature of weight loss surgery: insights from an Australian qualitative study, Health Sociology Review

Weng, E. (2016) ‘’The Heavens Opened and Cried’: Mediatised National Mourning for Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew’ in Asian Communication Research 13(2), pp. 65-85

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Smith, Gavin J.D., Lyria Bennett Moses and Janet Chan (2017) ‘The challenges of doing criminology in the Big Data era: towards a digital and data-driven approach‘, The British Journal of Criminology, DOI: 10.1093/bjc/azw096

Minichiello, V., Scott, J. and Cox, C. (2017). ‘Commentary: reversing the agenda of sex work stigmatization and criminalization: signs of a progressive society’.Sexualities.  DOI: 10.1177/1363460716684510

Scott Fitzpatrick 2016. Ethical and political implications of the turn to stories in suicide prevention. Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology, 23, 3/4.

Scott Fitzpatrick 2016. Stories of suicide and social justice. Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology, 23, 3/4.

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Paul Henman, Scott D Brown & Simon Dennis (2017). When rating systems do not rate: Evaluating ERA’s performance. Australian University Review, Volume 59, Number 1

Ballantyne, G. and L. Burke (2017). ““People live in their heads a lot”: Polymedia, life course, and meanings of home among Melbourne’s older Irish community.” Transnational Social Review: 1-15.

Matthew Bun (2017). Defining the edge: choice, mastery and necessity in edgework practiceSport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics 

Michelle Peterie (2017) Docility and desert: Government discourses of compassion in Australia’s asylum seeker debate, Journal of Sociology

Rachael Wallis (2017): Myths and imaginaries: depictions of lifestyle migration in Country Style magazine, Rural Society, DOI: 10.1080/10371656.2017.1285471

Fabian Cannizzo (2017) ‘You’ve got to love what you do’: Academic labour in a culture of authenticity. Sociological Review

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Elena Wilson, Amanda Kenny and Virginia Dickson-Swift (2017) Rural health services and the task of community participation at the local community level: a case study. Australian Health Review

Garth Stahl (2017)  Aspiration paradoxes: working-class student conceptions of power in ‘engines of social mobilityInternational Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education

Jo Lindsay & Deborah Dempsey (2017) First names and social distinction: Middle-class naming practices in Australia. Journal of Sociology

John Scott,  Jodie Grigg, Monica Barratt, Simon Lenton (2017) Social capital and cannabis supply. Journal of Sociology

Vivienne Waller (2017) Engaging students and their publics through making sociological films. Journal of Sociology

Xiaoying Qi. (2017) ‘Social Movements in China: Augmenting Mainstream Theory with Guanxi’. Sociology 51(1): 111-126.

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Garth Stahl &  Sadia Habib (2017) Moving Beyond the Confines of the Local: Working-class Students’ Conceptualizations of Belonging and Respectability, Young

Sue Nichols & Garth Stahl (2017) ‘She started to get pretty concerned’: young men’s relationships with parents through senior schooling and beyond, Gender and Education

Poynting, S. (2016) ‘Entitled to be a Radical? Counter-Terrorism and Travesty of Human Rights in the Case of Babar Ahmad’, State Crime Journal 5, 2, Autumn, pp. 204-219.