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February wrap up: Informed News & Analysis by TASA members

Andrew Jakubowicz, et al.: Australians believe 18C protections should stay, The Conversation 

Marcus Maloney & Steve Roberts: PewDiePie, new media stars and the court of public opinion, The Conversation 

David Rowe: Prize fight over live-streamed sport will go on long after the final bell sounds,The Conversation

Karen Fisher: Shared ownership can help make housing affordable for people with disabilityThe Conversation

Karen Willis & Sophie Lewis: Increased private health insurance premiums don’t mean increased valueThe Conversation

James Arvanitakis, Lauren Stanley, Trina Jorre de St Jorre: Young women can budget in the short term but struggle with long-terminvestments: surveyThe Conversation

John van Kooy: Middle Eastern migrants aren’t ‘piling on to the dole queue’, The Conversation

Meredith Nash: ‘Fat, bland, boring incubators’: ordinary pregnant women don’t feel like Beyoncé, The Conversation

Andrew Jakubowicz: What did Galaxy’s poll tell us about freedom of speech and 18C? Not what the IPA said it did, The Conversation