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Jean Martin Award: nominations close April 1

The Jean Martin Award recognises excellence in scholarship in the field of Sociology and aims to assist with establishing the career of a recent PhD graduate.

This Award, which was given for the first time in 1980, is granted to the best PhD thesis in social science disciplines from an Australian tertiary institution submitted to the Award Committee. Theses may be on theoretical as well as empirical topics. Excellence in scholarship in the field of sociology, and the balanced treatment of sociological theory and research are the main criteria for deciding the Award. Work done in one of Jean Martin’s major areas of interest and which assesses implications for social policy are other criteria the judges will also take into account. Jean Martin’s research interests are defined as: migration, community and family studies, the concept of ‘ethnicity’, ethnic politics, social class, theories of culture and of social change.

Nominations close on April 1. For the full details, please go to the Jean Martin Award TASAweb page here