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April wrap up: Journal articles by TASA members

Dempsey, D. and Lindsay, J. (2017) ‘Surnaming Children Born to Lesbian and Heterosexual Couples: Displaying Family Legitimacy to Diverse Audiences’, Sociology

Adam Possamai, Jennifer E. Cheng, Stephane Lathion & Malcom Voyce (2017)Representations of Sharia in Three Global Cities: Sydney, New York and Geneva 2008–2013Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Johanna Wyn, Hernán Cuervo, Jessica Crofts, Dan Woodman (2017) Gendered transitions from education to work: The mysterious relationship between the fields of education and work,  Journal of Sociology

Zlatko Skrbiš (2017) Book Review: The Martin Presence: Jean Martin and the Making of the Social Sciences in Australia, Journal of Sociology

Robertson, S. (2017) ‘Infrastructures of insecurity: Housing and language testing in Asia-Australia migration‘, Geoforum 82: 13-20.

Couch, D., Fried, A. & Komesaroff, P. (2017). Public Health and Obesity Prevention Campaigns – A Case Study and Critical DiscussionCommunication Research and Practice, DOI:10.1080/22041451.2017.1310589. Free e-prints are available until they run out via

Fraser, S., Pienaar, K., Dilkes-Frayne, E., Moore, D., Kokanovic, R., Treloar, C. and Dunlop, A. (2017). Addiction stigma and the biopolitics of liberal modernity: A qualitative analysisInternational Journal of Drug Policy. DOI: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2017.02.005

Trang Thi Thuy Nguyen, M. Obaidul Hamid (2017). Subtractive Schooling and Identity: A Case Study of Ethnic Minority Students in VietnamJournal of Language, Identity & Education

Lesley Pruitt: Youth, politics, and participation in a changing worldJournal of Sociology
Apr14, 2017. Online First

Jacqueline Laughland-Booÿ, Zlatko Skrbiš &  Bruce Tranter: Narratives of nationhood: Young Australians’ concepts of nation and their attitudes towards ‘boat people’Journal of Sociology. Apr14, 2017. Online First

Jorge Knijnik and Ramón Spaaij (2017) ‘No Harmony: Football Fandom and Everyday Multiculturalism in Western Sydney‘, Journal of Intercultural Studies 38(1): 36-53.

Sarah Oxford and Ramón Spaaij (in press) ‘Critical pedagogy and power relations in sport for development and peace: lessons from Colombia‘, Third World Thematics.

Ryan Storr and Ramón Spaaij (2017) ‘”I guess it’s kind of elitist”: The formation and mobilisation of cultural, social and physical capital in youth sport volunteering‘, Journal of Youth Studies 20(4): 487-502.

Ramón Spaaij and Ansgar Thiel (2017) ‘Big Data: Critical Questions for Sport and Society‘, European Journal for Sport and Society 14(1): 1-4.

Juliet Watson & Hernán Cuervo (2017). Youth homelessness: A social justice approach. Journal of Sociology, April 21.

Wilson, E., Kenny, A., & Dickson-Swift, V. (2017). Ethical Challenges in Community-Based Participatory Research: A Scoping Review. Qualitative Health ResearchFeb.21, DOI:

Wilson, E., Kenny, A., & Dickson-Swift, V. (2017). Ethical challenges of community based participatory research: exploring researchers’ experience, International Journal of Social Research Methodology