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April wrap up: Books by TASA members

Gail Mason, JaneMaree Maher, Jude McCulloch, Sharon Pickering, Rebecca Wickes, Carolyn McKay (2017). Policing Hate Crime: Understanding Communities and Prejudice, Routledge.







Rob Stone (2017) (Ed.) Key Sociological Thinkers, London: Palgrave.

Steve Matthewman (2017) ‘Bruno Latour’, Key Sociological Thinkers (edited by Rob Stones), London: Palgrave, pp. 364-374.

Craig Browne (2017) ‘Anthony Giddens’, Key Sociological Thinkers, (edited by Rob Stones), London: Palgrave, pp.300-317.





Hinkson, John, Paul James, Alison Caddick, Simon Cooper, Melinda Hinkson, and Dan Tout, eds. Cold War to Hot Planet: Fifty Years of Arena. North Carlton: Arena, 2016. Available for purchase from







Abidin, Crystal. 2017. “Vote for my selfie: Politician selfies as charismatic engagement.” Pp. 75-87 in Selfie Citizenship, edited by Adi Kuntsman. London: Palgrave Pivot.