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Calling all postgraduates!

In the next couple of issues, Nexus is providing space to publish short accounts (up to 500 words) from postgraduate students in sociology and allied disciplines on their research methodology. We would be interested in hearing whether you had to change course methodologically and why, whether theory drove your initial investigations or empirical data. If theory was significant, tell us which theorist(s) and why and whether the theory has sustained you. Accounts of what approach worked for you and why would be especially welcome. Once our readers engage with your accounts, we will provide space in later issues in the ‘letters to the editors’ where these will be published. We will publish up to six pieces in the next issue of Nexus. Successful applicants will be asked to provide a photograph and contact details for themselves.

Please submit all articles to the editors: Eileen Clark, Peter Robinson & Alexia Maddox.