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May wrap up: Books by TASA members

O’Loughlin, Kate, Browning, Colette, Kendig, Hal (Eds.). (2017). Ageing in Australia: Challenges and Opportunities. Springer.





Nilan, P. (2017) Muslim youth in the diaspora: Challenging extremism through popular culture. London & New York: Routledge







Ramon Spaaij and Mark S. Hamm (2017) The Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism. New York: Columbia University Press.








Patrick Michel, Adam Possamai, & Bryan Turner (Eds.) (2017) Religions, Nations, and Transnationalism in Multiple Modernities. Palgrave. Macmillian





Karen Soldatic & Kelley Johnson (Eds.) (2017) Disability and Rurality: Identity, Gender and Belonging. Routledge