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May wrap up: Informed News Analysis & Commentary by TASA members

David Rowe: For cities, hosting major sporting events is a double-edged sword, The Conversation

Ben Spies-Butcher et al.:The strange accounting behind the proposed HECS changes, The Conversation

Ben Spies-Butcher et al.:Budget 2017-18 brings welfare crackdown and increased defence and security funding: experts respond, The Conversation

Erika Altmann: Why Chinese investors find Australian real estate so alluring, The Conversation

Deborah Lupton: The ABC’s Ask the Doctor sends mixed messages about obesityThe Conversation

David Rowe: Live odds ban debate exposes sport and gambling’s uncomfortable mutual dependency, The Conversation

Jo Lindsay & Deb Dempsey: Most popular names: what happens when they all turn up at the same time? The Age

Mike Dee: Letter to the Editor – defending the comments made by Yassmin Abdel-Magied on Anzac Day​, The Australian, April 28, page 15

Catherine Strong, James Arvanitakis & colleagues:  Sgt Pepper’s at 50 – the greatest thing you ever heard or just another album? The Conversation

Alan Morris & colleagues: The insecurity of private renters – how do they manage it? The Conversation