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June wrap up: Journal Articles by TASA members

Stevens, C. (2017) ‘Now I can never go back’: The thwarted returns of temporary labour migrants from China in Perth, Western AustraliaTransitions: Journal of Temporary Migration 1(1): 65-83

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Michelle Peterie (2017) Docility and desert: Government discourses of compassion in Australia’s asylum seeker debateJournal of Sociology

Jacqueline Laughland-Booÿ, Zlatko Skrbiš, Bruce Tranter (2017) Narratives of nationhood: Young Australians’ concepts of nation and their attitudes towards ‘boat people’Journal of Sociology

John G Scott, Jodie Grigg, Monica Barratt, Simon Lenton (2017) Social capital and cannabis supplyJournal of Sociology

Vivienne Waller (2017) Engaging students and their publics through making sociological filmsJournal of Sociology

Juliet Watson, Hernán Cuervo (2017) Youth homelessness: A social justice approach,Journal of Sociology

Mara A. Yerkes, Bill Martin, Janeen Baxter, Judy Rose (2017) An unsettled bargain? Mothers’ perceptions of justice and fairness in paid workJournal of Sociology

Johanna Wyn, Hernán Cuervo, Jessica Crofts, Dan Woodman (2017) Gendered transitions from education to work: The mysterious relationship between the fields of education and workJournal of Sociology

Lesley Pruitt (2017) Youth, politics, and participation in a changing worldJournal of Sociology

Alan Morris (2017) “It was like leaving your family”: Gentrification and the impacts of displacement on public housing tenants in inner-SydneyAustralian Journal of Social Issues

Alan Morris (2017) The removal of Millers Point public housing tenants in inner-Sydney by the New South Wales government: Narratives of government and tenantsUrban Policy and Research 

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