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July wrap up: Informed News & Analysis by TASA members

Catherine Robinson: Homelessness: The real housing crisis gripping Australia, SBS

Catherine Robinson: Comment: Why ‘Filthy Rich & Homeless’ enables the homeless to tell their own stories, SBS

Judy Rose: Can a shorter work week help work-life balance? CPA Australia

Kate Fitz-Gibbon, JaneMaree Maher & Jude McCulloch: Long ignored, adolescent family violence needs our attentionThe Conversation

Dan Woodman: There is no boomers v millennials generational war – but there is a class struggleThe Guardian

Dan Woodman: From Boomers to Xennials: we love talking about our generations, but must recognise their limitsThe Conversation

Shanthi Robertson: Blaming migrants won’t solve Western Sydney’s growing painsThe Conversation

Catherine Robinson: Talking Point: Highly vulnerable teens in Tasmania are an issue beyond politicsThe Mercury

Michael Walsh: The Knowledge City Index: Sydney takes top spot but Canberra punches above its weight, The Conversation

Shanthi Robertson and Kristine Aquino: ​Blaming migrants won’t solve Western Sydney’s growing pains​The Conversation

Catherine Robinson: Talking Point: We are letting down our at-risk kidsThe Mercury