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July wrap up: Journal articles by TASA members

Christopher Mayes, Jane Williams & Wendy Lipworth (2017). Conflicted hope: social egg freezing and clinical conflicts of interest, Health Sociology Review

Block, K., & Gibbs, L. (2017). Promoting Social Inclusion through Sport for Refugee-background Youth in Australia: Analysing Different Participation Models Social Inclusion, 5(2), 91-100.

Scott Fitzpatrick & Jo River (2017). Beyond the medical model: Future directions for suicide intervention servicesInternational Journal of Health Services.

Jens O Zinn (2017). The meaning of risk-taking – key concepts and dimensions, Journal of Risk Research

Alan Morris (2017). Housing tenure and the health of older Australians dependent on the age pension for their incomeHousing Studies

Shanthi Robertson (2017). Infrastructures of insecurity: Housing and language testing in Asia-Australia migrationScience Direct

Shanthi Robertson & Dallas Rogers (2017). Education, real estate, immigration: brokerage assemblages and Asian mobilitiesJournal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 

King, O., Nancarrow, S., Grace, S., & Borthwick, A. (2017). Diabetes educator role boundaries: a documentary analysisJournal of Foot and Ankle Research20. (Olivia’s PhD thesis draws on sociology of the professions literature)

Elman, C and Chesters, J (2017) Adult men and the post-industrial ‘turn’: Breadwinning gender norms, masculine occupational tasks and midlife school trajectories. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 51 (2017) pp. 1-13. Free access until 12/9/2017 via

Watkins, M., Ho, C. and Butler, R. 2017. ‘Asian migration and education cultures in the Anglo-sphere‘. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Butler, R., Ho, C. and Vincent, E. 2017. “‘Tutored within an Inch of Their Life’: Morality and ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Middle Class Identities in Australian Schools.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Melinda Herron (2017): A revised approach to racism in youth multiculture: the significance of schoolyard conversations about sex, dating and desireJournal of Youth Studies, DOI: 10.1080/13676261.2017.1355967