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August wrap-up: Books by TASA members

Jeremy C. A. Smith (2017) Debating civilisations: Interrogating civilisational analysis in a global age, Manchester University Press







Stephen Kerry (2018) Trans Dilemmas: Living in Australia’s Remote Areas and in Aboriginal Communities. Routledge.






Raelene Wilding (2017). Families, Intimacy and Globalization: Floating Ties, Palgrave.








Peter Robinson (2017) gay men’s working lives, retirement and old age. Palgrave.









Deborah Lupton (Ed.) (2018) Self-Tracking, Health and Medicine. Routledge.








Deborah Lupton, Inger Mewburn & Pat Thomson (Eds) (2018) The Digital Academic: Critical Perspectives on Digital Technologies in Higher Education. Routledge.







Rachel Busbridge (2017) Multicultural Politics of Recognition and Postcolonial Citizenship: Rethinking the Nation. Routledge