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August wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Collyer, F.M.; Willis, K. and Lewis, S. (2017) ‘Gatekeepers in the Healthcare Sector: Knowledge and Bourdieu’s Concept of Field’ Social Science and Medicine 186: 96-103.

Connell, R.; Pearse, R.; Collyer, F.M.; Maia, J. and Morrell, R. (2017) ‘Negotiating with the North: How Southern-tier Intellectual Workers Deal With the Global Economy of Knowledge’ The Sociological Review. DOI: 10.1177/0038026117705038  p. 1–17.

Hughes, K.  (2017). Transition pedagogies and the neoliberal episteme: What do academics think?  Student Success, 8(2), 21-30.  doi:  10.5204/ssj.v8i2.378

Adele Pavlidis & Wendy O’Brien (2017). Sport and feminism in China: On the possibilities of conceiving roller derby as a feminist interventionJournal of Sociology, early online

Perales, F. and Chesters, J. 2017. Returns to mature age education in Australia. International Journal of Educational Research, 85: 87-98. Please note: this article is available for free download for 50 days from 1/8/17.

Emma Kirby, Alex Broom, Alexandra Gibson, Jennifer Broom, Trent Yarwood, Jeffrey Post (2017) Medical authority, managerial power and political will: A Bourdieusian analysis of antibiotics in the hospitalHealth: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine

Lyall, B. and Robards, B. (2017) ‘Tool, toy and tutor: Subjective experiences of digital self-tracking’ Journal of Sociology [OnlineFirst]: 1-17.

Couch, DHan, GS, Robinson, P & Komesaroff, P (2017) Men’s weight loss stories: How personal confession, responsibility and transformation work as social controlHealth: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine.

Connell, Raewyn, Rebecca Pearse, Fran Collyer, João Maia and Robert Morrell. 2017. Re-making the global economy of knowledge: do new fields of research change the structure of North-South relations? British Journal of Sociology, published online August 2017, DOI: 10.1111/1468-4446.12294.

Abidin, Crystal, and Joel Gwynne. 2017. Entrepreneurial Selves, Feminine Corporeality, and Lifestyle Blogging in SingaporeAsian Journal of Social Science 45(4-5): 385-408. DOI: 10.1163/15685314-04504002

Noh, J-E. (2017). Negotiating positions through reflexivity in international fieldworkInternational Social Work [Online First]

Bartholomaeus, C., Riggs, D., & Andrew, Y. (2017). The capacity of South Australian primary school teachers and pre-service teachers to work with trans and gender diverse studentsTeaching and Teacher Education, 65, 127-35

Gray, R. M., Green, R., Bryant, J., Rance, J., & MacLean, S. (2017). How ‘vulnerable’ young people describe their interactions with police: building positive pathways to drug diversion and treatment in Sydney and Melbourne, AustraliaPolice Practice and Research, 1-16. doi:10.1080/15614263.2017.1347787

MacLean S, Ritte R, Thorpe, A, Ewen & Arabena K (2017). Health and wellbeing outcomes of programs for Indigenous Australians that include strategies to enable the expression of cultural identities: a systematic reviewAustralian Journal of Primary Health.

Thorpe R, Hawkes G, Dune T, Fileborn B, Pitts M and Minichiello V. Hidden boundaries and shared meanings: the roles of researcher characteristics and cultural norms in shaping understandings of sexuality in the unstructured interview settingInternational Journal of Social Research Methodology, published online 31 July 2017.

Henry Paternoster (2017) The need for political economy in class analysis: rediscovering Andrew wells’ constructing capitalismJournal of Australian Political Economy, No. 79, 2017. Free download.

Professor Graeme Davison Book Review: Thinking the Antipodes: Australian Essays, Journal of Sociology. Jul 13, 2017 | OnlineFirst

Janet McCalman & Deborah Warr: Class divide defies social mixing and keeps public housing stigma aliveThe Conversation

Catherine Strong: Why are there so few women screen composers? The Conversation(report from research conducted by Catherine and Fabian Cannizzo)

Michael Flood: Universities have a problem with sexual assault and harassment: here’s how to fix itThe Conversation

Erika Altmann: Downsizing cost trap awaits retirees – five reasons to be waryThe Conversation

Jenny Chesters: Egalitarian or Edwardian? The rising wealth inequality in AustraliaThe Conversation

Tina Rampino, Mark Western & Wojtek Tomaszewski: The inequality you can’t change that lasts a lifetimeThe Conversation

Yolande Strengers & Larissa Nicholls: ‘Smart home’ gadgets promise to cut power bills but many lie idle – or can even boost energy useThe Conversation

van Kooy, J & Randrianarisoa, A 2017, Giving asylum seekers a chance: insights from a pilot employment program, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Fitzroy, Vic.

Gary Bouma & Luke Gahan et al.: Victorian Government Forum on LGBTI Inclusion in Faith Communities: Statement of Support

Gary Bouma: The Reality and Goodness of Same-Sex Love Demands the Extension of Marriage RitesThe Guardian

Gary Bouma: ‘No religion’ and Jedi Knight find their place in Australian identityThe Conversation