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September wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Journal Articles

Ben Gook, “Nancy Fraser’s Zeitdiagnose: Capitalism after the Financial Crisis,” Zeitschrift für Politische Theorie (Journal of Political Theory) 7.2, 2017. Free download.

Lea, E and Marlow, A and Altmann, E and Courtney-Pratt, H, “Nursing students’ preferences for clinical placements in the residential aged care setting”, Journal of Clinical Nursing pp. 1-10. doi:10.1111/jocn.13859 ISSN 0962-1067 (2017) [Refereed Article]

Cary Bennett (2017) Drugs, moral panics and the dispositiveJournal of Sociology, published online 6th September 2017, DOI: 10.1177/1440783317727877

Tina Miller, Meredith Nash (2017). ‘I just think something like the “Bubs and Pubs” class is what men should be having’: Paternal subjectivities and preparing for first-time fatherhood in Australia and the United KingdomJournal of Sociology, Volume: 53 issue: 3, page(s): 541-556

Jo Lindsay & Deb Dempsey (2017) ‘First names and social distinction: Middle-class naming practices in Australia‘, Journal of Sociology, Volume: 53 issue: 3, page(s): 577-591

Clarissa Carden (2017) ‘As parents congregated at parties’: Responsibility and blame in media representations of violence and school closure in an Indigenous communityThe Journal of Sociology, Volume: 53 issue: 3, page(s): 592-606

Kristin Natalier (2017) Micro-aggressions, single mothers and interactions with government workers: The case of Australia’s child support bureaucracy, Journal of Sociology, Volume: 53 issue: 3, page(s): 622-636

Alan Morris, Kath Hulse, Hal Pawson ‘Long-term private renters: Perceptions of security and insecurity‘, Journal of Sociology, Volume: 53 issue: 3, page(s): 653-669

Adele Pavlidis, Wendy O’Brien Sport and feminism in China: On the possibilities of conceiving roller derby as a feminist intervention,  Journal of Sociology, Volume: 53 issue: 3, page(s): 704-719

Susan Oakley, Angie Bletsas ‘The experiences of being a young LGBTIQ and homeless in Australia: Re-thinking policy and practice‘, Journal of Sociology, 2017, published online 24th August 2017, DOI: 10.1177/1440783317726373

Boese, Martina, and Melissa Phillips. “‘Half of Myself Belongs to This Town’: Conditional Belongings of Temporary Migrants in Regional Australia.” Migration Mobility and Displacement 3, no. 1 (2017): 51-69.

Ross Boyd and Robert J Holton ‘Technology, innovation, employment, and power. Does robotics and artificial intelligence really mean social transformation?’, Journal of Sociology, 2017, published online 28th August 2017, DOI: 10.1177/1440783317726591

Farquharson, Karen, Nolan, David and Marjoribanks, Timothy (2017), ‘ ‘Race’ and the lived experiences of Australians of Sudanese Background’, in Boese, Martina and Marotta, Vince (eds), Critical Reflections on Migration, ‘Race’ and MulticulturalismNew York: Routledge.

Ruth Jeanes, Spaaij, Ramon, Magee,Jonathan, Farquharson, Karen, Gorman, Sean, and Lusher, Dean (2017), ‘ “Yes we are inclusive”: Examining provision for young people with disabilities in community sport clubs’, Sport Management Review, accepted for publication 12 April 2017 published online.

Finn, Mark, Farquharson, Karen, and Tursunalieva, Ainura (2017), ‘Compartmentalised communication by Australian tertiary students’Communication Research and Practice, 3 (2): 155-175.

Katherine Kenny, Alex Broom, Emma Kirby, David Wyld, Zarnie Lwin (2017) Terminal anticipation: entanglements of affect and temporality in living with advanced cancerSubjectivity

Ashley Barnwell (2017) Hidden heirlooms: Keeping family secrets across generationsJournal of Sociology, Online first, September 8: DOI: 10.1177/1440783317727878

Yvette Maker, Bernadette McSherry, Lisa Brophy, Jeannie Marie Paterson and Anna Arstein-Kerslake (2017) Supporting people with decision-making impairments: choice, control and consumer transactionsJournal of Law and Medicine, Volume: 24, pages: 756-762.

Tillotson, N., Short, M., Ollerton, J., Hearn, C. & Sawatzky, B. (2017). Faith Matters: From a Disability LensJournal of Disability & Religion, Journal of Disability & Religion,Vol. 21 (3), 319-337.

Julie Cook (2017) ‘How Much Do I Want the Apocalypse to Happen and Just Wipe this All Clean?’: The Use of Apocalyptic Narratives by Non-religious YouthJournal for the Academic Study of Religion 

Patulny R, Smith, V, Soh, K. (2017) ‘Generalising Men’s affective experienc.’ International Journal for Masculinity Studies (NORMA), Online first: DOI: 10.1080/18902138.2017.1363483

Denejkina, Anna (2017). Exo-Autoethnography: An Introduction [44 paragraphs]. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 18(3), Art. 13,

Kirsty Forsdike, Timothy Marjoribanks, Anne-Maree Sawyer (2017). ‘Hockey becomes like a family in itself’: Re-examining social capital through women’s experiences of a sport club undergoing quasi-professionalisation International Review for the Sociology of Sport

Deborah Lupton (2017). ‘It Just Gives Me a Bit of Peace of Mind’: Australian Women’s Use of Digital Media for Pregnancy and Early MotherhoodSocieties7(3), 25; doi:10.3390/soc7030025

Sarah Redshaw & Valerie Ingham (2017). ‘Neighbourhood is if they come out and talk to you’: Neighbourly connections and bonding social capital,  Journal of Sociology, Online first, September 13: DOI: 10.1177/1440783317729762

Lyndsay Newett, Brendan Churchill &  Brady Robards (2017). Forming connections in the digital era: Tinder, a new tool in young Australian intimate lifeJournal of Sociology, Online first, September 13: DOI: 10.1177/1440783317728584

Garth Stahl, Pamela Burnard, Rosie Perkins (2017). Critical Reflections on the Use of Bourdieu’s Tools ‘In Concert’ to Understand the Practices of Learning in Three Musical SitesSociological Research Online

Bartholomaeus, C., & Riggs, D. W. (2017). Whole-of-school approaches to supporting transgender students, staff, and parentsInternational Journal of Transgenderism. doi: 10.1080/15532739.2017.1355648

Riggs, D. W., & Bartholomaeus, C. (2017). Transgender young people’s narratives of intimacy and sexual health: Implications for sexuality educationSex Education. doi: 10.1080/14681811.2017.1355299

Catherine Robinson (2017). Maternal GeographiesEmotion, Space and Society

Book Reviews

Steve Matthewman (2017) Silencing scienceNew Zealand Sociology, Issue 32 (1), pp. 115-119

Clare Southerton ‘Nick J. Fox and Pam Alldred, Sociology and the New Materialism: Theory, Research, Action‘. Journal of Sociology, 2017, published online 24th August 2017, DOI: 10.1177/1440783317727431 

Book Review of Peter Robinson’s, Gay Men’s Relationships Across the Life CourseJournal of Sociology, Volume: 53 issue: 3, page(s): 720-722

Christopher Pollard: Jenny Hocking The Dismissal Dossier: Everything You Were Never Meant to Know about November 1975Melbourne Historical Journal Volume 44 Issue 1 2016

Book Chapters

Gook, Ben, “Australian Postcolonial Trauma and Silences in Samson and Delilah,” Scars and Wounds: Trauma on Film in National and International Contexts, eds. Nick Hodgin and Amit Thakkar (London: Palgrave, 2017). Free download.


Scott Poynting (2017) Rocket Bombs and War Without End in the ‘War on Terror’New Zealand Sociology, Issue 32 (1), pp. 73-92


Clarke, J, Alston, M & Whittenbury, K 2017, Social sustainability in dairying communities impacted by the Murray-Darling Basin Plan: Short Report on research findings, Gender, Leadership and Social Sustainability Research Unit, Department of Social Work, Monash University.

Johanna Wyn, Helen Cahill, Dan Woodman, Hernán Cuervo, Jenny ChestersJulia Cook, Josie ReadeGen Y on Gen Y

Lesley Pruitt (2017). Youth Leadership: An Annotated Bibliography (for PLAN International)

Lesley Pruitt (2017). Youth Leadership: Reflections and Recommendations from the Evidence Base (for PLAN International)