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November wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Journal Articles

Peta Cook & Angela Dwyer (2017). No longer raising eyebrows: The contexts and domestication of Botox as a mundane medical and cultural artefactJournal of Consumer Culture

Nicholas Hookway (2017) The moral self: Class, narcissism and the problem of do-it-yourself moralitiesThe Sociological Review

Tan, H. and Forbes-Mewett, H. (In press) Whose ‘fault’ is it? Becoming Homeless in Singapore. Urban Studies (accepted 28 Oct 2017).

Forbes-Mewett, H. and Wickes, R. (2017) The neighbourhood context of crime against international students. Journal of Sociology. Published online before print.

Persson A;Newman CE;Hamilton M;Bryant J;Wallace J;valentine K, 2017, ‘Families Living with Blood-Borne Viruses: The Case for Extending the Concept of “Serodiscordance”’, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Infectious Diseases, vol. 2017,

Persson AS;Newman CE;Manolas P;Holt M;Callander D;Gordon T;de Wit J, 2017, ‘Challenging perceptions of “straight”: Heterosexual men who have sex with men and the cultural politics of sexual identity categories’, Men and Masculinities

Newman CE;Persson A;Manolas P;Schmidt HM A;Ooi C;Rutherford A;de Wit J, 2017, ‘“So Much Is at Stake”: Professional Views on Engaging Heterosexually Identified Men who Have Sex with Men with Sexual Health Care in Australia’, Sexuality Research and Social Policy, pp. 1 – 10,

Wright, K., Swain, S. & McPhillips, K. (2017). The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual AbuseChild Abuse & Neglect

MacDonald, F. (2017) Positioning young refugees in Australia: media discourse and social exclusionJournal of Inclusive Education.

EveVincent, RoseButler, & Christina Ho (2017). ‘They try to avoid.’ How do parents’ feelings about ethnicised and classed differences shape gentrifying school communities? Emotions, Space & Society.

Garth Stahl & Cynthia Brock (2017). Theorizing Boys’ Literacies and Boys’ Literatures in Contemporary TimesBoyhood Studies.

Hookway, N. (2017) The Moral Self: Class, Narcissism and the Problem of Do-It-Yourself Moralities, The Sociological Review (online before print):

Hookway, N. (2017) ‘Zygmunt Bauman’s Moral Saint: Reclaiming Self in the Sociology of Morality’, Acta Sociologica (online before print):

Hookway, N. and Graham, T. (2017) ’22 Push-Ups for a Cause: Depicting the Moral Self via Social Media Campaign #Mission22’, MC Journal: A Journal of Media and Culture:

Clarke, R., Hookway, N., and Burgess, R. (2017) ‘Reading in Community, Reading for Community: A Survey of Book Clubs in Regional Australia, Journal of Australian Studies

Hookway, N., Elmer, S. and Frandsen, M. (2017) ‘Risk, Morality and Emotion: Social Media Responses to Pregnant Women Who Smoke’, Health, Risk and Society (Online before print):

Cebulla, A. and S. Whetton (2017) All Roads leading to Rome? The medium term Outcomes of Australian Youth’s Transition Pathways from EducationJournal of Youth Studies.

MATTHEWMAN, S. (2017) ‘Mobile Disasters: Catastrophes in the Age of Manufactured Uncertainty’, Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies, 7(3): 6-22

Nafiseh Ghafournia and Patricia Easteal, ‘Spouse Sponsorship Policies: Focus on Serial Sponsors,’ Laws 6, 24; doi:10.3390/laws6040024.

Helen Forbes-Mewett & Rebecca Wickes (2017). The neighbourhood context of crime against international studentsJournal of Sociology 

Alexandra Caruso & Steven Roberts (2017). Exploring constructions of masculinity on a men’s body-positivity blogJournal of Sociology 

Anderson, A. (2017) Toward a genealogy of the liberal government of youthJournal of Youth Studies

Scott Fitzpatrick (2017). Reshaping the Ethics of Suicide Prevention: Responsibility, Inequality and Action on the Social Determinants of SuicidePublic Health Ethics.

C​​oles, L., ​Hewitt, B., & Martin, W. (2017). Contemporary fatherhood: Social, demographic and attitudinal factors associated with involved fathering and long work hours​. Journal of Sociology.

Meredith Nash (2017): ‘Let’s work on your weaknesses’: Australian CrossFit coaching, masculinity and neoliberal framings of ‘health’ and ‘fitness’Sport in Society, DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2017.1390565

Grant, Ruby and Meredith Nash (2017) ‘Navigating Unintelligibility: Queer Australian Young Women’s Negotiations of Safe Sex and Risk.’ Journal of Health Psychology.

Hannah Soong, Garth Stahl & Hongxia Shan (2017). Transnational mobility through education: a Bourdieusian insight on life as middle transnationals in Australia and CanadaGlobalisation, Societies and Education

Lohmeyer, Ben Arnold. 2017. “Youth as an artefact of governing violence: violence to young people shapes violence by young people.”  Current Sociology. doi: 10.1177/0011392117738040.

Book Chapters

Garth Stahl & Pete Dale (2017) Masculine Learner Identities in the Field of Student-Directed Musical Learning in Albright, J., Hartman, D. & WidinBourdie, J. (Eds.) Bourdieu’s Field Theory and the Social Sciences, Springer

Hookway, N. (2017) ‘Archives of Everyday Life: Research Blogs’, in V. Clarke and Braun (ed), Qualitative Data Collection: A Practical Guide to Textual, Media and Virtual Techniques. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Hookway, N. and Snee, H (2017) ‘The Blogosphere’, in N.G. Fielding, R.M. Lee, and Blank, G., The SAGE Handbook of Online Research Methods (3rd edn), London: Sage.

Hookway, N. and Ezzy, D. (2017) ‘Aesthetic and Relational Ethics: Beyond Bauman’s Postmodern Ethics’ in M.H Jacobsen (ed), Beyond Bauman: Critical Engagements and Creative Excursions, Routledge: New York.

MATTHEWMAN, S. (2017) ‘Theorising Personal Medical Devices’, in Conor Farrington and Rebecca Lynch (eds) Quantified Lives and Vital Data: Exploring Health and Technology through Personal Medical Devices, London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 17-43.

Cebulla, A. and I. Katz (2017) Un(der)employment, poverty and the future of work after the GFC, in Klaus Serr (ed.) Thinking about Poverty, Fourth Edition. Sydney: The Federation Press.

Sue Malta and Summer Roberts (2017) Older people as cyber-sexual beings: Online and internet dating in Barrett, C. & Hinchliff, S. (eds) Addressing the Sexual Rights of Older People: Theory, Policy and Practice. Routledge, Ch. 11.

Aqua Hastings (2017) Outback Healing: Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine across Shifting Socio-Cultural Landscapes in Holmes, T., & Cherniack, P. (eds.) Complementary Medicine and Culture: The Changing Cultural Territory of Local and Global Healing Practices, Ch. 2


Ruth McNair, Cal Andrews, Sharon Parkinson & Deb Dempsey (2017). LGBTQ Homelessness: Risks, Resilience, and Access to Services in Victoria

Book Reviews

A shrewd appraisal of sameness and difference: A review of Peter Robinson’s Gay Men’s Working Lives, Retirement and Old Age Inside Story