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November wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Alan Morris: Last of the Millers Point and Sirius tenants hang on as the money now pours inThe Conversation

James Arvanitakis: Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey, ABC News Breakfast

Rob White: Criminality and Climate Change, University of Tasmania

Peter Robinson: Gay rebels: why some older homosexual men don’t support same-sex marriage, The Conversation

Michael Flood: Do parents of boys view sexual violence differently to parents of girls? The Sydney Morning Herald

Andrew Jakubowicz: How social conservatism among ethnic communities drove a strong ‘no’ vote in western SydneyThe Conversation

Stewart Lockie & Maxine Newlands: Adani aside, North Queensland voters care about crime and cost of livingThe Conversation

Larissa Nicholls, Halley McCann, Karyn Bosomworth & Yolande Strengers: High energy costs make vulnerable households reluctant to use air conditioning: studyThe Conversation 

Luke Gahan & Geraldine Donoghue: Same-sex marriage: The Yes campaign, from the Howard years to headbutts​, ABC News

Erika Altmann: Foreign ownership of housing – how do Australia and New Zealand compare? The Conversation

David McCallum: How school has been used to control sovereignty and self-determination for Indigenous peoplesThe Conversation

Catherine Strong: The 2017 ARIA Awards are still off-key when it comes to genderThe Conversation


Nicholas Hookway: University researchers seize upon Masters Games opportunity, ABC Northern Tasmania

Raewyn Connell & Bronwyn Winter:The Politics of Gender: Can We Resolve the Tension between Identity, Biology and Power? ABC Radio National with Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens

Justin Smith & Nicholas Hookway: Plane Game

Nicholas Hookway: RAW Masculinity, ABC TAS StateWide Mornings with Leon Compton

Nicholas Hookway: Talking kindness for World Kindness Day, ABC News

Randa Abdel-Fattah: Who gets to tell the story? ABC Radio National

Nicholas Hookway: Giving it Away: the economics of charities, ABC Radio National

Adam Possamai: Hyper-Real Religion, Digital Capitalism, and the Pygmalion Effect

Adam Possamai: Its Just not cricket


Sue Nichols: Representing Student Diversity in the First Year Experience

Abidin, Crystal. 2017. “Not Just Another Gangnam Style.” Anthropology News website, October 24, 2017. doi: 10.1111/AN.631

Victor Minichiello & John ScottResearch shows distribution of online male escorts, by nation

Alan Scott: Breaking Through Dominant Theories


Brady Robards et al. New Sexes in the City? – Current gender challenges and possibilities

Shanthi Robertson: Visa Scams, The Feed, November 17, SBS – 5:11 – 7:33

Dan Woodman: Presidential address, TASA 2017


Ashleigh Watson: So Fi is a sociological fiction zine publishing short stories, poetry, photo essays, cartoons, and other creative work. Edition #2 is available online now.