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November wrap up: Books by TASA members

Paternoster, Henry (2017). Reimagining Class in Australia: Marxism, Populism and Social Science. Springer.






O’Loughlin, Kate, Browning, Colette, Kendig, Hal (Eds.). (2017). Ageing in Australia: Challenges and Opportunities. Springer.





Possamai, A. (2017) The I-zation of Society, Religion, and Neoliberal Post-Secularism, Palgrave McMillan, Basingstoke.






Paul Henman & Alison Gable (2017) Performing the State: Critical encounters with performance measurement in social and public policy. Routledge









Jennifer Cheng (2017) Anti-racist Discourse on Muslims in the Australian Parliament (John Benjamins)








Julia Cook (2018). Imagined Futures: Hope, Risk and Uncertainty, Springer