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January wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

John Scott: Male sex workers catering to more women and couples, as legal reform lags, ABC News

Brendan Churchill: Mum, dad and two kids no longer the norm in the changing Australian familyThe Conversation

David Rowe & colleague: The Winter Olympics and the two Koreas: how sport diplomacy could save the world. The Conversation

Andrew Glover: Sustainable shopping: is it possible to fly sustainably? The Conversation

James Arvanitakis: Social trends shaping 2018, ABC News

Shirley Jackson: The problem isn’t unskilled graduates, it’s a lack of full-time job opportunitiesThe Conversation

Maggie Walter, ‘First reconciliation, then a republic – starting with changing the date of Australia Day‘, The Conversation

Nik Taylor, ‘Animals help refugee kids‘, Education Today

Blog Posts

Fabian Cannizzo: Challenges for the Future of Australian Sociology

Deborah Lupton: My 2017 Publications

Amy Dobson, Benjamin Hanckel, Rose Butler, ‘TASA Youth Symposium: ‘Research Methods in Youth Studies: Doing ‘Difference Differently’

Deborah Lupton, ‘New materialisms: key approaches

James Arvanitakis, ‘Ensuring the economy serves society: a review of Elizabeth Warren’s biography

Ramon Menendez, ‘The Authenticity of Carlos Castaneda

Ben Eltham & James Arvanitakis‘Spoon-feeding and the Massified UniversityAre university courses really getting dumber?


David Rowe: Radio interview with ABC RN about sport and diplomacy, specifically the possible participation of North Korea in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.