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February wrap-up: Public output by TASA members


Janine Pickering: Award-winning Swinburne thesis explores gender in STEM management

Roger Patulny, ‘All the Lonely People

Kim Toffoletti, ‘From sport widows to sport fans: research tracks evolution of women supporters

Alexia Maddox, ‘A Digital Bermuda Triangle: The Perils of Doing Ethnography on Darknet Drug Markets

Crystal Abidin, ‘Elderly Influencers in East Asia, Cyborgology

Crystal Abidin, ‘Somewhere Between Here and There: Goldilocking Between Fieldwork and Academia‘, anthro{dendum}

Crystal Abidin, ‘edited series of blogposts for anthro{dendum}:

Ashleigh Watson, ‘Writing Sociological Fiction & Making So Fi Zine

Deborah Lupton, ‘Second edition of my book Fat out soon

Crystal Abidin, ‘Academia and the refusal of overwork culture

Informed News & Analysis

Luke Gahan & Christy Newman, ‘Same-sex parents who separate facing extra challenges in a system playing catch-up

David Rowe & Jung Woo Lee , ‘2018 Winter Olympics set to begin against the backdrop of warm words and cold politics‘, The Conversation

John Germov & Julie McIntyre, ‘The rise and fall of Ben Ean Moselle and what it says about Australian society, The Conversation

Nicholas Hookway, ‘Should guests be charged to attend weddings, birthdays, funerals?‘ New Daily

Deborah Lupton, ‘Grey’s Anatomy is unrealistic, but it might make junior doctors more compassionate‘, The Conversation

Nick Pendergrast, ‘The perils of pet ownership: your dog isn’t a ‘fur baby’, it’s your property‘, ABC News


Gavin Smith, ‘Expert: Surveillance: why and how we are being watched

Nick Pendergrast was interviewed by Melanie Tait on ABC Radio (23:20) and his article ‘The perils of pet ownership: your dog isn’t a ‘fur baby’, it’s your property‘. The podcast is available for the next 5 days.


Gavin Smith, ‘Dr Gavin Smith speaking about Sociology

James Arvanitakis & colleagues, ‘PhD the Final Stages: Timeline to Submission’ 

Clare Southerton, ‘What can sociology teach you?

Steven Roberts & colleagues, ‘The Rise of Populism – A different Lense‘ (5:38 – 6:07)

James Arvanitakis & colleagues, ‘PhD Final Stages: Nominating Examiners’