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March wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Sophie Lewis & Karen Willis, ‘Do you really need private health insurance? Here’s what you need to know before decidingThe Conversation

Alan Morris, ‘Mission nearly impossible: the City of Sydney’s efforts to increase the affordable housing supply‘. The Conversation

Ben Wadham, ‘Hazing and sexual violence in Australian universities: we need to address men’s culturesThe Conversation

Gavin Wood, Guy Johnson, Juliet Watson, Rosanna Scutella, ‘Homeless numbers will keep rising until governments change course on housing‘, The Conversation

Scillio, Mark (2018) ‘Screens at School’, AEU News Magazine, Issue 1, 2018.

Sherene Idriss, ‘What does a ‘Leb’ look like?‘. The Conversation

Jude McCulloch, JaneMaree Maher, Kate Fitz-Gibbon & Sandra Walklate, ‘We won’t stop lone-actor attacks until we understand violence against womenThe Conversation


Nicholas Hookway, ‘The changing face of charities and why some will struggle to survive‘. ABC Radio, Perth

Kim Toffoletti appeared on ABC radio/podcast The Ticket on Sunday 25 February, taking about findings from her research with Holly Thorpe on sportswomen and branded identity construction on social media (from 33mins onwards).

Dan Woodman, ‘Adolescence Today – It Goes On and On .. ‘ ABC Radio, Overnights

Karen Block, ‘NW Community Radio’s MAD (Making a Difference) Village program features Dr Karen Block talking about sport and social inclusion and her sports participation project, Count Me In

Nicholas Hookway, ‘Is it okay to ask wedding guests to pay?‘ ABC Radio, Hobart


Trudy Hart, ‘The work-life balance struggle for contemporary single mothers: Individual views and experiences‘.

Janeen Baxter, ‘Life Course Centre – March 2018 Newsletter

Ann Game, ‘Weather, meetings, walking

Alan Scott, ‘Applied Sociology Status

Deborah Lupton, ‘Critical art and design projects about digital data

Ashleigh Watson, ‘Modern Methodologies: Developments in Doing Sociological Research’

Matthew Barca, ‘Understanding the ‘Social’ in Social Anxiety’

Postgraduate sub-committee, ‘Overview of PG Day 2017

Deborah Lupton, ‘Frankenstein, Black Mirror, and personal data‘.

Anne Game, ‘Welcome back to Anghiari‘.


Ashleigh Watson, ‘So Fi zine is currently accepting submissions for Edition #3.’

Meredith Nash, ‘What is the impact of #metoo at the 2018 Oscars?’


Christy Newman, ‘SEX(UALITY) LECTURE – Queer families: Documenting stories of adversity, diversity and belonging

PhD Final Stages – Timeline to Submission

PhD Final Stages – Nominating Examiners

PhD Final Stages – Preparing your Thesis for Examination

PhD Final Stages – Taking Care of Yourself

PhD Final Stages – What Happens After Submission?

PhD Final Stages – Examination Reports and Results