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March wrap-up: Books by TASA members

Berents, Helen. 2018. “Right(s) from the ground up: Internal displacement, the urban periphery and belonging to the city”. The Politics of Identity: Place, Space and Discourse. eds. Chris. Agius and Dean. Keep. Manchester: Manchester University Press. 141-157.




Altmann, E and Gabriel M (Eds) 2018 Multi-owned Properties in the Asia-Pacific Region: Rights, Restrictions and Responsibilities, London, Palgrave Mcmillan UK, IBSN 978-1-137-56987-5




Bhatia, Monish, Poynting, Scott, Tufail, Waqas (Eds.. (2018). Media, Crime and RacismPalgrave Macmillan.






Alexia Cameron (2018). Affected Labour in a Café Culture: The Atmospheres and Economics of ‘Hip’ MelbourneRoutledge.




Rowe, E. E. (2017). Middle-class school choice in urban spaces: the economics of public schooling and globalized education reform. New York & Milton Park: Routledge.