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April wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Journal Articles

Paternoster, Henry John., Deborah Warr and Keith Jacobs (2018) ‘ The enigma of the bogan and its significance to class in Australia: a socio-historical analysis‘ Journal of Sociology. Article first published online: April 20, 2018

Stephens, Anne, and Monro, Davena (2018) Training for Life and Healing: The Systemic Empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men and Women Through Vocational Education and Training. The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education,

Stephens, Anne, Lewis, Ellen, and Reddy, Shravanti (2018) Towards an Inclusive Systemic Evaluation for the SDGs: Gender equality, Environments and Marginalized voices (GEMs). Evaluation, 24 (2).

Oznur Sahin (2018). “From home to city: gender segregation, homosociality and publicness in Istanbul”Gender, Place and Culture.

Anderson, A. (2017) “Toward a genealogy of the liberal government of youth“. Journal of Youth Studies, pp. 1-17.

Riaz Hassan, Mikhail Balaev and Abusalleh Shariff, ‘Minority Size and socioeconomic inequalities: A case study of Muslim minority in India‘, International Sociology 33:3: 386-406, 2018

Randa Abdel-Fattah, ‘Book review: Is Racism an Environmental Threat?‘ Journal of Sociology. Article first published online: April 12, 2018

Cassie Curryer, Sue Malta & Michael Fine (2018). Contesting Boomageddon? Identity, politics and economy in the global milieuJournal of Sociology.  Article first published online: April 12, 2018

Mair Underwood & Rebecca Olson (2018). ‘Manly tears exploded from my eyes, lets feel together brahs’: Emotion and masculinity within an online body building communityJournal of Sociology.  Article first published online: April 12, 2018

John G Scott,  Andrew Fa’avale & Beverly Yuen Thompson (2018). What can Southern Criminology Contribute to a Post-Race Agenda? Asian Journal of Criminology

Meredith Nash and Robyn Moore (2018). ‘Exploring Methodological Challenges of Using Participant-Produced Digital Video Diaries in Antarctica, Sociological Review Online. Apr 11, 2018|Online First

Hannah McCann (2018). Beyond the visible: Rethinking femininity through the femme assemblage. European Journal of Women’s Studies. Article first published online: April 12, 2018  

Matthew Wade (2018) Virtuous Play: The Ethics, Pleasures, and Burdens of Brain TrainingScience as Culture.

Anita Harris & Kim Lam (2018). Youth participation in ‘post‐secular’ times: young Muslim and Buddhist practitioners as religious citizensThe British Journal of Sociology. 

Peta Cook (2018). Continuity, change and possibility in older age: Identity and ageing-as-discoveryJournal of Sociology. Apr 4, 2018 | OnlineFirst

Bernard Gardiner (2018). Grit and stigma: Gay men ageing with HIV in regional QueenslandJournal of Sociology. Apr 4, 2018 | OnlineFirst

Cassie Curryer, Mel Gray, Julie E. Byles (2018). Back to my old self and life restarting: Biographies of ageing in Beck’s risk societyJournal of Sociology. Apr 4, 2018 | OnlineFirst

Barbara Barbosa Neves, Jenny Waycott, Sue Malta (2018). Old and afraid of new communication technologies? Reconceptualising and contesting the ‘age-based digital divide’. Journal of Sociology. Apr 4, 2018 | OnlineFirst

Raelene Wilding, Loretta Baldassar (2018). Ageing, migration and new media: The significance of transnational careJournal of Sociology. Apr 4, 2018 | OnlineFirst

Xianbi Huang, Mark Western, YanjieBian, Yaojun Li, Rochelle Côté, & Yangtao Huang (2018). Social Networks and Subjective Wellbeing in Australia: New Evidence from a National SurveySociology. 

Graham, T. (2018). Platforms and hyper-choice on the World Wide Web. Big Data & Society. Online first at:

Alan Petersen (2018). Capitalising on ageing anxieties: Promissory discourse and the creation of an ‘anti-ageing treatment’ market. Journal of Sociology. Online first: March 30, 2018.

Kokanović, R., & Stone, M. (2018) Listening to what cannot be said: Broken narratives and the lived bodyArts and Humanities in Higher Education, 17(1): 20-31. DOI: 10.1177/1474022217732871.

Božić-Vrbančić, S., Kokanović, R., & Kupsjak, J. (2018) ‘I am tired from all of these feelings’: Narrating suffering in the film ‘Sick’Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, 17(1): 69-83. DOI: 10.1177/1474022216684637.

Savic, M., Dilkes-Frayne, E., Carter, A., Kokanović, R., Manning, V., Rodda, S., & Lubman, D. (2018) Making multiple ‘online counsellings’ through policy and practice: An evidence-making intervention approachInternational Journal of Drug Policy, 53: 73-82. DOI: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2017.12.008.

Ridge, D., Broom, A.Kokanović, R., Ziebland, S., & Hill N. (2017) Depression at work, authenticity in question: Experiencing, concealing and revealingHealth: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine, 1-18. DOI: 10.1177/1363459317739437.

Journals – Special Issues

Bowman, D., Kokanović, R., & Parker, J. (eds) (Jan 2018) Representing trauma: Honouring broken narrativesArts and Humanities in Higher Education, 17(1): 3-181.

Kokanović, R. (ed) (Dec 2017) Subjectivity and illness narrativesSubjectivity, 10(4): 329-426.

Book Chapters

Rob Watts (2018). Theorising Student Protest, Liberalism and the Problem of Legitimacyin Governing Youth Politics in the Age of Surveillance. eds. Maria Grasso and Judith Bessant. Routledge.

Berents, Helen. 2018. “Right(s) from the ground up: Internal displacement, the urban periphery and belonging to the city”. The Politics of Identity: Place, Space and Discourse. eds. Chris. Agius and Dean. Keep. Manchester: Manchester University Press. 141-157.

Dados, Nour and Raewyn Connell. 2018. Neoliberalism in world perspective: Southern origins and Southern dynamics. Pp. 28-39 in Damien Cahill, Melinda Cooper, Martijn Konings and David Primrose, ed. The Sage Handbook of Neoliberalism. London: Sage.

Bueskens, P. (2018). ‘Maternal Subjectivity: From Containing to Creating’ in R. Robertson and C. Nelson (Eds). The Book of Dangerous Ideas about Mothers, Perth: UWA Publishing.

Bueskens, P & Toffoletti, K (2018). ‘Mothers, Scholars and Feminists: Inside and Outside the Australian Academic System’ in A. Black & S. Garvis (Eds), Lived Experiences of Women in Academia: Metaphors, Manifestos and Memoir, London: Routledge.