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April wrap-up: Books by TASA members

Tom Barnes, (No date available). ‘Making Cars in the New India Industry, Precarity and Informality‘ Cambridge University Press.








Judith Bessant (2018). The Great Transformation: History for a Techno-Human FutureRoutledge. 







Maria Grasso & Judith Bessant (2018). Governing Youth Politics in the Age of Surveillance. Routledge.








David Nolan, Karen Farquharson and Timothy Marjoribanks (2018). (Eds.) Australian media and the politics of belongingAthem Press.








Bueskens, P. (2018). Modern Motherhood and Women’s Dual Identities: Rewriting the Sexual Contract. London: Routledge.








Szelenyi, Ivan, Riaz Hassan and V. Maksimov.    Building Nations with Non-Nationals: The Exclusionary Immigration Regimes of the Gulf Monarchies with a Case Study of Pakistani Return Migrants from and Prospective Migrants to the United Arab Emirates,  Corvina  2018







Brosnan, C., Vuolanto, P. and Danell, J. (eds) (2018) Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Knowledge Production and Social Transformation. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.