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June wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Journal Articles

Bouma, G. & Halafoff, A. (2017) ‘Australia’s Changing Religious Profile – Rising Nones and Pentecostals, Declining British Protestants in Superdiversity: Views from the 2016 Census,’Journal for the Academic Study of Religion 30:2. pp. 129-143.

Halafoff, A., Garrod, J. & Gobey, L. (2018 ) ‘Women and Ultramodern Buddhism in Australia,’ Special Issue: Women in Buddhism, Religions 9(5): 1-16

Pearse, R., Hitchcock, JN., Keane, H. (in-press) ‘Gender, inter/disciplinarity and marginality in the social sciences and humanities: A comparison of six disciplines’Women’s Studies International Forum,

Graham, T. & Henman, P. (2018). Affording choice: how website designs create and constrain ‘choice’ Information, Communication & Society, online first. Available at:

Natalier, K. (2018) State Facilitated Economic Abuse: A Structural Analysis of Men Deliberately Withholding Child SupportFeminist Legal Studies. 

Brittany Ralph & Steven Roberts (2018) One Small Step for Man: Change and Continuity in Perceptions and Enactments of Homosocial Intimacy among Young Australian MenMen and Masculinities 

Michelle Brady (2018) Targeting single mothers? Dynamics of contracting Australian employment services and activation policies at the street levelJournal of Social Policy.

Stephanie Alice Baker & Michael James Walsh (2018). Good Morning Fitfam’: Top posts, hashtags and gender display on InstagramNew Media & Society.

Michael Walsh (2018). ‘The Interaction Order and Musical Sound: Shopping with Erving GoffmanThe Sociological Inquiry

Mandy Hughes (2018). The social and cultural role of food for Myanmar refugees in regional Australia: Making place and building networksJournal of Sociology. Article first published online: June 15, 2018

Joel Windle & Kassandra Muniz (2018). Constructions of race in Brazil: resistance and resignification in teacher educationInternational Studies in Sociology of Education. 

Ravazzini, L. & Chesters, J. (2018) Inequality in wealthy nations: A comparison of the gender wealth gap in Switzerland and AustraliaFeminist Economics. 10.1080/13545701.2018.1458202

Melanie Baak (2018) Racism and Othering for South Sudanese heritage students in Australian schools: is inclusion possible?International Journal of Inclusive Education.

King, O., Borthwick, A., Nancarrow, S., & Grace, S. (2018). Sociology of the professions: what it means for podiatryJournal of Foot and Ankle Research11(1), 30.