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July wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Alexandra Wong, David Rowe & Teresa Swist (June 28, 2018). Sydney artists are being priced out of the city – here’s how to bring them back. The Conversation. 

Dina Bowman (July 2, 2018). Employment services aren’t working for older jobseekers, jobactive staff or employers. The Conversation.

Michael Gilding, Dean Lusher & Helen Bird (July 12, 2018). ‘Network contagion’ is key to getting healthier numbers of women on company boardsThe Conversation.

Joshua Roose (July 11, 2018). ‘Ideological masculinity’ that drives violence against women is a form of violent extremism. The Conversation.

JaneMaree Maher & Kate Fitz-Gibbon (July 19, 2018). Explainer: what is parricide and how common is it in Australia? The Conversation.


Emma Barnard, ‘Why are young girls asking for vaginal cosmetic surgery?Pursuit.

Karen Farquharson (June 29, 2018). Race, sport and media: questioning the status quo. Pursuit.

Alan Scott (June 2018). See Sociology as Human Interactions, Not Theory.

Deborah Lupton (July 14, 2018). Ideas for participatory arts/design activities with a digital health focus. This Sociological Life.

Ann Game, (July 17, 2018) ‘Belonging in Anghiari: Franco Talozzi‘. Living in Relation.

Project Websites

Shanthi Robertson (July 2018) Staggered Pathways: Temporality, Mobility and Asian Temporary Migrants in Australia


James Arvanitakis (July 2018). Busting the Myth of Writer’s Block


Edition #3 of So Fi Zine is out now. Featuring sociological fiction and art by TASA members, plus guest editorials by Les Back and Nirmal Puwar. Read it online at