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August wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Steve O’Brien (July 25, 2018). Going backwards is the new going forwardThe Herald. 

Karen Soldatic (July 26, 2018), New report brings Sri Lankan women living with a disability ‘Out of the Shadows‘. Western Sydney University News Centre.

TASA 2018 (2018). Why are so many academic conferences hostile to women? The Guardian

Leah Ruppanner & Brendan Churchill (August 6, 2018). Sorry, men, there’s no such thing as ‘dirt blindness’ – you just need to do more houseworkThe Conversation.

David Rowe (August 3rd, 2018). Angela Williamson’s sacking shows gulf between Cricket Australia’s words and deedsThe Conversation.

Jo Lindsay & Deb Dempsey ( August 4th, 2018).  As common names become uncommon, parents feel pressure to perform. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Kate Fitz-Gibbon,  JaneMaree Maher, Jude McCulloch & Sandra Walklate (August 3, 2018). Victorian government should be wary of introducing a stand-alone offence of non-fatal strangulationThe Conversation.

Vivienne Waller (June 30, 2018). Planet or plastic? Australian Academy of Science

Juliet Watson (August 12, 2018). ‘Just a piece of meat’: how homeless women have little choice but to use sex for survival’. The Conversation

Sumnall H & MacLean S (2018) ‘Volatile substance abuse – a problem that never went awayThe Conversation. 8 August, 2018

Roberts, Steven, Elliott, Karla & Maloney, Marcus (2018), ”Battleground: masculinity’ – The importance of highlighting men’s contestations of manliness’, Discover Society.

Catherine Robinson (August 7, 2018). Comment: Why ‘Filthy Rich & Homeless’ enables the homeless to tell their own stories. SBS

Petra Bueskens (August 9, 2018). It’s OK To Be Right, But Careful What You Wish For Lauren SouthernNewMatilda

Kristin Natlier (August 30, 2018). What type of relationship should I have with my co-parent now we’re divorced.  The Conversation.

Dan Woodman (August 28, 2018). With Scott Morrison, Gen X are now in charge. But will this close the generational divide? ABC News.

Sue Malta & Raelene Wilding (August 26, 2018). The digital divide: small, social programs can help get seniors onlineThe Conversation. 


Julia Cook (August 6, 2018). Reflecting on an ISA session addressing Andy Furlong’s legacy. TASA Youth.

Ann Game (August 3, 2018). Belonging in Anghiari: Paola Foni (Part 2)Living in Relation.

Joseph Borlagdan (August 15, 2018). A very public sociology.

James Arvanitakis (August 10, 2018). Islamic Studies Network launch at WSU

Deborah Lupton (August 16, 2018). Using graphic narratives for research translation and engagement

Ann Game (August 24, 2018). Belonging in Anghiari: Lorenzo SbragiLiving in Relation

Deborah Lupton (August 26, 2018). Findings from the Young Australians and Digital Health ProjectThis Sociological Life

Alan Scott (August 29, 2018).  Socially, nothing much has changed.

Michael Walsh (August 30, 2108). Creating video abstracts: a few hints and tips


Dan Woodman (August 8, 2018). What are the chances of young people getting work? ABC Overnights

Na’ama Carlin (August 8, 2018). Na’ama Carlin on dissonant universities” Chattersquare

Nicholas Hookway (August 17, 2018). Young adults staying at home longer than before. ABC Hobart


Michael Walsh (July 4, 2018). Walsh & Clark (2018) Co-present Conversation as “Socialized Trance”

James Arvanitakis (August 7, 2018). 5 Mistakes Conference Presenters Make!

Kirsten Harley (August 17, 2018). Kirsten – NeuroNode

Michael Walsh (5 February, 2017). Sociology with Michael Walsh


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