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August wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Journal Articles

Rikke Guldager, Karen WillisKristian Larsen & Ingrid Poulsen (2018). Relatives’ strategies in subacute brain injury rehabilitation: The warrior, the observer and the hesitantJournal of Clinical Nursing.

Meredith Nash & Robyn Moore (2018), ‘I was completely oblivious to gender’: an exploration of how women in STEMM navigate leadership in a neoliberal, post-feminist context’Journal of Gender Studies

Deborah Lupton & Sarah Maslen (2018). The more-than-human sensorium: sensory engagements with digital self-tracking technologiesThe Senses and Society. 

JaneMaree Maher, Nickie Charles & Carol Wolkowitz (2018). Working mothers, injury and embodied care work. Gender, Work & Organisation.

Francisco Perales & Gary Bouma (2018). Religion, religiosity and patriarchal gender beliefs: Understanding the Australian experienceJournal of Sociology.

Meredith Nash and Robyn Moore (2018) ‘An evaluation of a leadership development programme for women in STEMM in AntarcticaThe Polar Journal

Botfield, J.R., Newman, C.E., Kang, M., Zwi, A.B. (2018) Talking to migrant and refugee young people about sexual health in general practice. Australian Journal of General Practice, 47(8): 565-579.

Rob White (2018). EditorialJournal of Applied Youth Studies2(4), 3. Editorial.

McGregor, J. R. (2018). Understanding the role of lived experience in the practice of case managementJournal of Applied Youth Studies2(4), 3.

Lohmeyer, B. A. (2018). ‘Calling bullshit’ in the age of hollow government: Hyper-governed young people’s rejection of Fair Process and the subversion of restorative practicesJournal of Applied Youth Studies2(4), 57.

Gross, Kate and White, Rob; Centre for Applied Youth Research (CAYR). Chinese students in Tasmania: Report for the Asia institute Tasmania [online]. Journal of Applied Youth Studies, Vol. 2, No. 4, 2018: 84-92. Availability: <;dn=719374511906387;res=IELNZC> ISSN: 2204-9207. [cited 03 Aug 18].

Berents, Helen. Australia should be a regional leader on youth, peace and security [online]. Journal of Applied Youth Studies, Vol. 2, No. 4, 2018: 93-96. Availability:<;dn=719393144877645;res=IELNZC> ISSN: 2204-9207. [cited 03 Aug 18].

Celal Bayari (2018). ‘Economy and Market in China: The State, Wage Labour and the Construction of the ‘China Price’’. Business Management Review.  14(1): 13-36.

Jeannine Liddle, Meryl Lovarini, Lindy Clemson, Lynette Mackenzie, Amy Tan, Sabrina W. Pit, Roslyn Poulos, Anne Tiedemann, Catherine Sherrington, Chris Roberts and Karen Willis (2018). Making fall prevention routine in primary care practice: perspectives of allied health professionalsBMC Health Services Research.

Walsh, M. J. and Clark, S. J. (early view) Co‐Present Conversation as “Socialized Trance”: Talk, Involvement Obligations, and Smart‐Phone Disruption. Symbolic Interaction

MacLean S, Dwyer R, Savic M, Pennay A, Stanesby O and Wilkinson C. (2018) Middle aged same-sex attracted women and the social practice of drinking. Critical Public Health, pp. 1-12.

Elizabeth Humphrys and Ihab Shalbak (2018) ‘On ‘heroic fury’ and questions of method in Antonio Gramsci’, Thesis Eleven, Vol 147, Issue 1, pp. 3 – 8, [Introduction to special issue]

Elizabeth Humphrys (2018) ‘Anti-politics, the early Marx and Gramsci’s ‘integral state’’, Thesis Eleven, Vol 147, Issue 1, pp. 29 – 44,

Shanthi Robertson (2018) Status-making: Rethinking migrant categorizationJournal of Sociology. 

Alphia Possamai-Inesedy & Alan Nixon (2018). A place to stand: Digital sociology and the Archimedean effectJournal of Sociology.

Qi, Xiaoying. (2018). ‘Floating Grandparents: Rethinking Family Obligation and Intergenerational Support’International Sociology. online first DOI: 10.1177/0268580918792777.

Andy Bennett (2018). Conceptualising the Relationship Between Youth, Music and DIY Careers: A Critical OverviewCultural Sociology

Olive, Rebecca (2018) Embodied pedagogies in human movement studies classrooms: a postgraduate pathway into teaching and learningReview of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies40 3: 227-248. doi:10.1080/10714413.2018.1472485


Dina Bowman, Agathe Randrianarisoa and Seuwandi Wickramasinghe (2018). Enhancing employment services for mature-age jobseekers. The Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Couch, Danielle. 2018 Let’s Yarn About Cancer Loddon  Mallee – Final Report, Loddon Mallee Aboriginal Reference Group, Bendigo

Book Reviews

Steven Roberts (2018). Book Review: Faith Gordon, Children, Young People and the Press in a Transitioning Society. Journal of Sociology.