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The Beaumont Children: investigations and implications of cold-cases

Social Sciences Week is an opportunity for social scientists to engage non-academic audiences with cutting edge social science research, to showcase the diversity and relevance of social science. It will include interactive community and school-based events, bringing the social sciences to life, particularly for the next generation of university students, social scientists and citizens. The below video is of one of the 2018 Social Sciences Week events.

The panel discussion included two specialist forensic investigators, Dr Xanthé Mallett and Duncan McNab who outlined the evidence of the case, presented what lead them to the prime suspect (Harry Phipps) and the technology that was central to the recent excavation.

South Australian youth worker and youth sociologist, Ben Lohmeyer, also joined the panel to comment on the way that the nature of childhood has changed since the disappearance of The Beaumont Children.

The Beaumont Children: investigations and implications of cold-cases.