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September wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Alan Morris & Catherine Davis (September 6, 2018). Local councils put affordable housing supply in the too hard basket.  The Conversation. 

Gary D Bouma (September 5, 2018). Young people want sex education and religion shouldn’t get in the way.  The Conversation. 

Kim Beasy & Ruby Grant (August 31, 2018). More than just lip service: done right, awareness-raising days can pack a punchThe Conversation. 

Jo Lindsay (August 30, 2018). A third of women think they’re better parents than their partnersThe Sydney Morning Herald.

Dan Woodman (8 September, 2018). The new boom: Why grandma is a stoner. The NewDaily.

Crystal Abidin​ (August, 2018). “There’s too much pressure on your relationship”: What it’s like to break up on YouTubeShortList.

Crystal Abidin​ (27 July, 2018). Is a Meme Born in a Private Account Still a Meme?WIRED.

Crystal Abidin​ (31 July, 2018) 5 Misconceptions about internet celebrities by Crystal AbidinFemale First.

Robyn Moore & Meredith Nash (20 September, 2018). ‘Walking into a headwind’ – what it feels like for women building science careers. The Conversation. 

Andrew Singleton, Anna Halafoff, Gary D Bouma, & Mary Lou Rasmussen (18 September, 2018). New research shows Australian teens have complex views on religion and spirituality. The Conversation. 

Mark Chou & Lesley Pruitt (18 September, 2018). Let’s give 16-year-olds the right to vote — they’re more than readyABC News.

Michael Walsh (16 September, 2018 ). Canberra schools buck smartphone ban trend. ABC News. 

Jenny Kennedy, Larissa Nicholls, Paula Arcari & Yolande Strengers (27 September, 2018). One reason people install smart home tech is to show off to their friendsThe Conversation. 

Emma Rowe (24 September, 2018). Public schools losing out in political power playsThe Conversation.

Crystal Abidin (24 September, 2018). Shadow Economies Of The Influencer IndustryMinuteHack.

Crystal Abidin (13 September, 2018). What is an internet celebrity any way?  CYBOROLOGY. 


Hannah McCann (August 29, 2018). Theory of FemininityBINARYTHIS.

Jude McCulloch, JaneMaree Maher & Kate Fitz-Gibbon (7 September, 2018). Policing family violence: duty failures and accountabilityLENS, Monash University.

Ann Game (8 September, 2018). Belonging in Anghiari: Filippo BorgogniLiving in Relation. 

Anoushka Benbow (15 September, 2018). Inequality, culture and consumption: let them eat luxury, or the rise of masstigeNightGardenia.

Crystal Abidin (23 September, 2018). Public shaming, Peer surveillance, and the Profitability of internet drama. WISHCRYS. 


Steve Roberts (September 4, 2018). Up Your Class: a look at class in Australia with comedians Nelly Thomas and Dave O’Neil plus Shane Laing a genuine working class man.

Crystal Abidin (2018). SocietyNow: Why study ‘frivolous’ topics like internet celebrity and selfie culture?

Steve Roberts (17 September, 2018). Young Working-Class Men in TransitionNew Books – Sociology.

Nicholas Hookway (13 September, 2018). Talkback: distracted parenting in the age of the smart phoneABC Life Matters.


Theresa Petray (14 September, 2018). To mark the inaugural Australian Social Sciences Week James Cook University academics invited Year 9 students from around Townsville and North Queensland to come out to the Townsville campus and discuss what a Bill of Rights for Australia might look like.

Social Sciences Week event – The Beaumont Children: investigations and implications of cold-cases.