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Livestreaming at TASA 2018

At TASA 2018 we will be livestreaming selected events to enable engagement of a broader public and TASA members in the intellectual life of the conference. Livestreamed events will be made available through the TASA Facebook page. Livestreaming involves real-time audio-video broadcasting of an event over the Internet. Anyone who follows the TASA Facebook page will be able to access this recording at the time of the event. We will also capture these events so that those who can’t attend the conference or log on at the time can view them afterwards. If you would like to find out more about the live streaming schedule for the conference, please contact Alexia Maddox (email: or keep an eye on the following social media sites for the conference:  TASA Facebook page and the following Twitter accounts: @DeakinSociology@AustSoc through the conference hashtag #TASA2018