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October wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Christopher Mayes (23 October, 2018) Is eating a settler-colonial act? Food justice and Indigenous sovereigntyABC Religion. 

Andrew Clarke & Cameron Parsell (22 October, 2018) Turning ‘big brother’ surveillance into a helping hand to the homelessThe Conversation. 

Meredith Nash & Robyn Moore (2018) Are Leadership Styles in STEMM Gendered?Association for Women in Science (page 8).

Michelle Peterie (22 October, 2018) The ‘soft’ violence of onshore immigration detentionOverland. 

Mary Lou Rasmussen, Andrew Singleton, Anna Halafoff & Gary D Bouma (16 October, 2018) There’s no argument or support for allowing schools to discriminate against LGBTIQ teachersThe Conversation. 

Flood, M (2018) “Australian study reveals the dangers of ‘toxic masculinity’ to men and those around them.” The Conversation, October 16. URL:

Lisa Denny, Felicity Picken & Nick Osbaldiston (16 October, 2018) Meet the new seachangers: now it’s younger Australians moving out of the big citiesThe Conversation. 

Mary Rasmussen (12 October, 2018) Australian students support expression of sexuality at school: studySBS NEWS.

Nicholas Hookwway (4 October, 2018) Group think: scholars assess the state of sociology. Times Higher Education. Please note, you will need to register to read the article (if not registered already).

Keith D. Parry & Jessica Richards (10 October, 2018) The AFLW found instant success, but challenges remain for its long-term sustainabilityThe Conversation.

Crystal Abidin (15 October, 2018) With Risky Teen Drama, Facebook Further Blurs the Line Between Real and Fake. Education Week. 

Crystal Abidin (12 October, 2018) The purchase of followers for the revenge of the internet is one of the best placesGirlfriend. 

Robyn Moore & Meredith Nash (20 September, 2018). ‘Walking into a headwind’ – what it feels like for women building science careers. The Conversation. 

Steven Roberts (5 October, 2018) The ABC of property buying for Generation ZFinancial Review.

Holly Thorpe & Belinda Wheaton (1 October, 2018). Women’s surfing riding wave towards gender equityThe Conversation. 

Online Lectures

Abidin, Crystal. 2018. “быть инфлюенсером: приватность и публичность в Ютубе” (Being an Influencer: privacy and publicity in YouTube), Course on ‘Vlogging: The Presentation of Self and Networked Publics’, Online School of Internet Research 2018, Russia. October 2018.


Christopher Mayes (9 October, 2018) NEW BOOK: Unsettling Food Politics

Ann Game (12 October, 2018) Belonging in Anghiari: Silvia Dressles

Daile Rung (11 October, 2018) Researcher illuminates grey areas of citizenship. Charles Darwin University.

Deborah Lupton (10 October, 2018) Personal data metaphors and imageryThis Sociological Life.

Nick Osbaldiston (5 October, 2018) Seachanger: the next generation? Infelices Possidentes

Alan Scott (11 October, 2018) Identifying outcomes of change.

Brady Robards (4 October, 2018). Spotlighting sociologists for hire: Aqua Hastings.

Crystal Abidin (24 September, 2018). Shadow Economies Of The Influencer IndustryMinutehack.


Nicholas Hookway (12 October, 2018) The ‘what do you do’ conversation. On Your Afternoon with Lucie Cutting, ABC Hobart.


Alexia Maddox (9 October, 2018) Bitcoin Blockchains on Twitter timelines: A Social Media analysis of cryptocurrency discourse in the Australian Twittersphere.


Linda Cheshire (14 October, 2018) ‘The inequities of un-neighbourliness: how disadvantage shapes the experiences and responses of problems between neighbours‘ – seminar presented by Lynda Cheshire at the UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health on 16 August 2018.

Brady Robards (4 October, 2018) From Honours to Article


Ramon Spaa & Brent McDonald SPORTSOCS: Sociologists airing sport’s dirty laundry

Meredith Nash – Dr Meredith Nash