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October wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Journal Articles

Haarsager, J., 2018. The Role of Schools of Nursing in Continuing Professional Education Provision. Australian Nursing & Midwifery Journal 26, 24–25.

Emma Cooke,  Michelle Brady,  Cheryll Alipio &  Kay Cook (2018) Autonomy, Fairness and Active Relationships: Children’s Experiences of Well‐being in Childcare. Children & Society. DOI:

Clarke, A. and Parsell, C., 2018. The potential for urban surveillance to help support people who are homeless: Evidence from Cairns, Australia. Urban Studies, DOI: 10.1177/0042098018789057.

Islam, S., Minichiello, V. and Scott, J. (2018) Resilience strategies of HIV-positive patents who  live with children within the family context in BangladeshAIDS Care.

Coomber, R., Scott, J. et al. (2018) The burgeoning recognition and accommodation of the social supply of drugs in international criminal justice systems: An eleven-nation comparative overviewInternational Journal of Drug Policy.  58, 93-103.

Robertson, Shanthi. (2018) ‘Migrant, interrupted’: The temporalities of ‘staggered’ migration from Asia to Australia. Current Sociology. DOI:

Tomás Cano,  Francisco Perales, & Janeen Baxter (2018) A Matter of Time: Father Involvement and Child Cognitive OutcomesJournal of Marriage and Family. First published: 25 September 2018.

Tuxen, Nonie and Robertson, Shanthi. (2018) ‘Brokering international education and (re)producing class in Mumbai’.International Migration. DOI:

Brent McDonald, Ramón Spaaij & Darko Dukic (2018) Moments of social inclusion: asylum seekers, football and solidarityJournal Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics 

Newman, C.E., Hughes, S., Persson, A., Truong, H.M., Holt, M. (2018) Promoting ‘equitable access’ to PrEP in Australia: accounting for stakeholder perspectives. Published online in AIDS & Behavior on 10 October 2018. Note, for free view-only access, see

Shana Sabbe,  Lieve Bradt,  Ramón Spaaij & Rudi Roose (2018) Community sport and social cohesion: in search of the practical understandings of community sport practitioners in FlandersCommunity Development Journal.

Yolande Strengers, Sarah Pink & Larissa Nicholls (2019) Smart energy futures and social practice imaginaries: Forecasting scenarios for pet care in Australian homes.Energy Research & Social Sciences. 

Haarsager, J. E. (2018). “The Role of Schools of Nursing in Continuing Professional Education Provision.” Australian Nursing & Midwifery Journal 26(4): 24-25.

Nicholas, Lucy (2018) Queer ethics and fostering positive mindsets toward non-binary gender, genderqueer, and gender ambiguityInternational Journal of Transgenderism 

Meredith Nash & Robyn Moore (2018) Exploring research relationships and other ethical challenges of participatory visual research in remote environmentsJournal of Sociology 

Blatman-Thomas, N. and Libby Porter. (2018) ‘Placing Property: theorizing the urban from settler-colonial cities,’ International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. Online first, doi: 10.1111/1468-2427.12666

Collin, P., Fullagar, S., Healy, S., Crabtree, L., & James, P. (2018). ResilienceThe Occasional Papers, Institute for Culture and Society (tOPICS), 9(1).

Hussain, F., & Amin, S. N. (2018). ‘I don’t care about their reactions’: agency and ICTs in women’s empowerment in AfghanistanGender & Development26(2), 249-265.

Karla Elliott (2018) Negotiations between progressive and ‘traditional’ expressions of masculinity among young Australian men. Journal of Sociology. 

Jae-Eun Noh (2018). The legitimacy of development nongovernmental organizations as global citizenship education providers in KoreaEducation, Citizenship and Social Justice. Article first published online: September 28, 2018

Julie Hepworth, Toni Schofield, Rose Leontini & John Germov (2018). Alcohol‐related harm minimization practices among university students: Does the type of residence have an impact? British Journal of Health Psychology.

Alan Morris (2018): ‘Super-gentrification’ triumphs: gentrification and the displacement of public housing tenants in Sydney’s inner-cityHousing Studies, DOI: 10.1080/02673037.2018.1515894.

Tarja Salmela, Anu Valtonen, & Deborah Lupton (2018). The Affective Circle of Harassment and Enchantment: Reflections on the ŌURA Ring as an Intimate Research Device. Qualitative Inquiry. Article first published online: September 22, 2018

QUAH, Ee Ling Sharon (2018) Emotional Reflexivity and Emotion Work in Transnational Divorce BiographiesEmotion, Space and Society. Article first published online: 2 October 2018. 

Malta S, Hocking J, Lyne J, McGavin D, Hunter J, Bickerstaffe A & Temple-Smith M (in press) Do you talk to your older patients about sexual health? Health practitioners’ knowledge of, and attitudes towards management of sexual health among older Australians. Australian Journal of General Practice.

Malta S, Temple-Smith M, Hunter J, McGavin D, Lyne J, Bickerstaffe A & Hocking J (in press) Could an online or digital aid facilitate discussions about sexual health with older Australians in general practice? Australian Journal of General Practice.

Malta S, Williams S & Batchelor F (2018) “An ant against an elephant”: Retirement village residents experiences of disputes and dispute resolutionAustralasian Journal of Ageing 37(3): 202-209.

Marino, S. (2018) Reflections on the migratory aspects of folkloric Calabrian musicians sonaturi living in Adelaide, South Australia. Transforming identities and tradition. ROGERIUS. Rubettino Press. Vo. 14. P. 47-77.

Marino, S. (2018) Ethnic identity and race: the “double absence” and its legacy across generations among Australians of Southern Italian origin. Operationalizing institutional positionalityEthnic and Racial Studies, pp.1-19.

Marino, S. (2018) Incrocio di vite Paths crossed. Rocco, migrating from Calabria to Brooklyn. Amish, from Bangladesh to Italy. Ethnic exploitation, arranged marriages, and ‘Ndrangheta. Then the nothingness. VIA (Voices in Italian Americana). American Journal of Italian Studies. Bordighera Press. Vo. 74. P. 62-66.

Marino, S. (2018) The double absence of the immigrant and its legacy across generations among Australians of Italian originJournal of Anthropological Research75(1), pp.137-160.

Nafiseh Ghafournia and Patricia Easteal (2018). Are Immigrant Women Visible in Australian Domestic Violence Reports that Potentially Influence Policy? Laws.

Christopher Pollard. ‘What is Original in Merleau-Ponty’s View of the Phenomenological Reduction?‘ Human Studies 41 (3):395-413 (2018)


Dina Bowman and Marcus Banks (2018) Hard times Australian households and financial insecurityBrotherhood of St Laurence.

The Men’s Project & Flood, M, (2018) The Man Box: A Study on Being a Young Man in Australia. Melbourne: Jesuit Social Services. URL:

Carlisle, E., Fildes, J., Liyanarachchi, D., Perrens, B. and Plummer, J. National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Report: Youth Survey 2017. Mission Australia: Sydney, NSW. Here is a link to the full report (free to access) – report as well as an infographic The report also featured on ABC News, SBS , the Guardian , Triple J , and other local news sites including the First Nations Telegraph.


Anne Stephens, Ellen D. Lewis, and Shravanti Reddy (2018) Inclusive Systemic Evaluation for Gender equality, Environments and Marginalized voices (ISE4GEMs)United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women). Please note, this guide is being launched 18 October 2018, 10-11:30am EDT, (online TOMORROW 19 October, 12am – 1.30am AEST / 1am – 2.30am AEDT)