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Spotlighting sociologists for hire: Anna Denejkina

Recently, TASA created a ‘Sociologists Looking for Work‘ registry, to help connect members looking for work with people looking to hire tutors, research assistants, consultants, and more. We will be doing regular spotlights on sociologists looking for work. This post is part of that spotlight series…

Anna Denejkina is completing a PhD in sociology at the University of Technology Sydney, where she also teaches in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences as a casual academic. Anna additionally works as a Research Assistant on various sociology-based projects at Western Sydney University.

Anna’s research is focussed on intergenerational trauma transmission, with her PhD is looking at combat-related trauma transmission from parent to child. Anna is looking for work in a teaching (tutoring, seminars, lecturing, marking) and also in research support, grant writing, and consultancy. Anna’s areas of expertise include community research, culture and cultural policy, emotions and affect, family, intimacy and relationships, mental health and illness, methodology, qualitative research, quantitative research, questionnaire design, surveys, teaching sociology, youth, and trauma transmission; psychological traumatology.

You can email Anna or visit her website for more information.