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Spotlighting sociologists for hire: Simone Marino

Recently, TASA created a ‘Sociologists Looking for Work‘ registry, to help connect members looking for work with people looking to hire tutors, research assistants, consultants, and more. We will be doing regular spotlights on sociologists looking for work. This post is part of that spotlight series…

Simone Marino is the course coordinator and lecturer of units of Sociology and Migration Studies in the School of Education, and in the School of Creative Industries at the University of South Australia. His research interests include transnational motilities and identities, multicultural policy and the maintenance and loss of minority languages and “cultures” in multicultural societies.

Simone has research expertise in a range of areas, including culture and cultural policy, history of sociology, immigration, ethnicity and multiculturalism, migration, ethnicity and multiculturalism, mobility, nationality and citizenship, racism, nationalism and ethnic relations. Simone is looking for work in teaching (including tutorials, seminars, and lectures) and research assistance work (including grant writing).

You can contact Simone by email or by visiting their website.