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Spotlighting sociologists for hire: Fabian Cannizzo

Recently, TASA created a ‘Sociologists Looking for Work‘ registry, to help connect members looking for work with people looking to hire tutors, research assistants, consultants, and more. We will be doing regular spotlights on sociologists looking for work. This post is part of that spotlight series…

Fabian Cannizzo is a cultural sociologist working on cultures of labour in the knowledge and creative industries. He has prepared 4 industry/stakeholder reports from research he has conducted and published across sociology, philosophy and higher education journals, and is producing and edited collection on global academia and a special section of the Journal of Sociology.

Fabian’s has research expertise across a range of areas, including applied sociology, consumption and consumerism, culture and cultural policy, economics and economic life, education, gender and sexuality, industrial sociology, knowledge, media, communication, information and public opinion, occupations and professions, political economy, qualitative research, science and technology, social theory, socio-technics, work, and higher education. Fabian is looking for work in both teaching (tutorials, seminars, lectures, marking) and also research assistance (including grant writing and consultancy work).

You can contact Fabian by email, and see a list of publications on his Google Scholar profile.