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November wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Julie Henderson & Eileen Willis (25 October, 2018) Want to improve care in nursing homes? Mandate minimum staffing levelsThe Conversation. 

Jessica Richards et al. (7 November, 2018) Note to governments: sports stadiums should benefit everyone, not just fansThe Conversation. 

Brendan Churchill (4 November, 2018) Financial crisis hit young men hard – and they’re yet to recoverSydney Morning Herald. 

Tania McMullen (4 November, 2018) Kelly Orsini faces the challenge of parenting a child with ADHD – and dealing with the uninformed judgement of other parents. The Courier. 

Ben Spies-Butcher (12 November, 2018) Two birds with one stone. How better taxing super could fund aged careThe Conversation. 

Amy Thomas (12 November, 2018) Abbott’s vision for remote education has been tried, and failedCrikey. 

Shanthi Robertson (11 November, 2018) Gap years, working holidays, ‘voluntourism’: Have we been sold a lie? National Nine News.

Randa Abdel Fattah (09 November, 2018) How a Sri Lankan student’s arrest on terror charges exposes a system built to suspect minoritiesThe Conversation. 

Kim Toffoletti (16 November, 2018) Creative thinking brings more parents to conferencesInvenio.

Denejkina, A. (15 November, 2018) In Russia, feminist memes buy jail time, but domestic abuse doesn’t​. Foreign Policy

Michelle Brady & Belinda Hewitt (15 November, 2018) Marriage has changed dramatically throughout history, but gender inequalities remainThe Conversation. 

James Arvanitakis (28 November, 2018) What are tech companies doing about ethical use of data? Not muchThe Conversation. 

Andrea Waling (17 October, 2018) Our relationship with dick pics: it’s complicated. The Conversation. 

Andrea Waling (10 September, 2018) Three things Netflix’s controversial ‘fat-shaming’ series Insatiable gets rightThe Conversation. 


Micro-vlog series (just 2 minutes!) Zoei Sutton and Ben Lohmeyer, incoming Postgraduate Portfolio Leader, host “2-Minute Truths” – a quick-fire interview with remarkable academics about their research and academic lives.                                                                                                Week 1 guest star: Raewyn Connell – “Everybody gets negative feedback from journals or reviewers, even the Professor… Even if it is pretty negative you can learn from it”. You can access the micro-vlog on Zoei & Ben’s 2 Minute Truths website.

Week 2 guest star: Theresa Petray – “Something to start doing is taking the weekend off, completely, from phd work”.  You can access the micro-vlog on Zoei & Ben’s 2 Minute Truths website.

Week 3 guest star: Joseph Borlagdan – “Try and find some common ground. So why is everyone there? …then I think you have a good platform for collaboration”. You can access the micro-vlog on Zoei & Ben’s 2 Minute Truths website.

Week 4 guest star: Jordan McKenzie – Jordan has a few mentors that he goes to for different reasons. You can access the micro-vlog on Zoei & Ben’s 2 Minute Truths website.

Week 5 guest star: Shanthi Robertson –  “Stop comparing yourself to other people, and start considering yourself to be the expert in your own research field”. You can access the micro-vlog on Zoei & Ben’s 2 Minute Truths website.


Fabian Cannizzo (31 October, 2018) The Social Structures of Global Academia – New Book, Coming Soon! The Social Thinker. 

Deborah Lupton (26 October, 2018) Have large numbers of Australians left Facebook? It seems notThis Sociological Life. 

Geraldine Fela, Amy Thomas Hannah McCann (15 October, 2018) Long live the gender whisperersOverland.

Florence Chiew & Ashley Barnwell (5 November, 2018) Methodological Intimacies: Contagion, Competition and the Figure of the Twins.

Anoushka Benbow (4 November, 2018) Human, all too human: how does ‘human optimisation culture’ speak to our epoch? nightgardenia

Alan Scott (3 November, 2018) Dominant Theories

Nalini Haynes (3 November, 2018) Representations of Albinism in Australian High School English Texts: Literature Review (draft)

Welcome to the last edition of Nexus for 2018.  You can go directly to the Nexus site here or click on the individual articles below:

Eileen Clark: Editorial

Dan Woodman: The Minister’s veto and why we should do Social Sciences Week again

Louise St Guillaume: Anxiety and Teaching Sociology

Julia Cook: Reflecting on an ISA session addressing Andy Furlong’s legacy

Alan Scott: The 20- to 30-year gap has come (but it now seems as if it’s going)

Eileen Clark: The Boomer’s Lament

Sally Daly: Sociologist Stars

Patrick Brownlee: Reflections on the XIX International Congress of Sociology

Suzanne Franzway: ISA Congress Toronto July 2018: Two Congresses

Rosemary Hancock: Reflection on ISA 2018, Toronto

Joel McGregor: The Beaumont children: Investigations and implications of cold cases

Kristine Aquino & Jennifer Cheng: A Symposium: Migration, social inclusion and the multicultural city

Timothy Graham, Naomi Smith and Scott Doidge: Symposium: Digital societies

Bruce Curtis: Southern Notes #6

Ashleigh Watson: Postgraduate portfolio report

Doctoral Completions

Elizabeth Humphrys and Ihab Shalbak (12 November, 2018) On ‘heroic fury’ and questions of method in Antonio Gramsci.


Nicholas Hookway (26 October, 2018) Celebrity and royalty: is it one and the same? ABC Radio, Hobart.

Sue Malta et al. (9 November, 2018) Sex and the senior — what does intimacy look like as you grow older? ABC Radio National, Life Matters