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December wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Lawrie Zion, Andrew Dodd, Matthew Ricketson, Merryn Sherwood, Monika Winarnita, Penny O’Donnell & Timothy Marjoribanks (5 December, 2018) New research reveals how Australian journalists are faring four years after redundancyThe Conversation. 

Aleesha Rodriguez (30 November, 2018) Happy birthday, SA’s big battery, and many happy returns (of your recyclable parts)The Conversation. 

Sue Malta, Jane Hocking, Meredith Temple-Smith, Christina Bryant and Adrian Bickerstaffe (12 December, 2018) Why is no-one talking about safe sex for the over 60s?Pursuit. 

Jessica Richards &  Keith Parry (7 December, 2018) Australians love their sport, but investing in new venues is another matterThe Conversation. 

Kellie Bousfield & Jacquie Tinkler (6 December, 2018) Student protests show Australian education does get some things rightThe Conversation. 

Leah Ruppanner, Francisco Perales & Janeen Baxter (17 December, 2018) Having a second child worsens parents’ mental health: new researchThe Conversation. 

Judith Bessant (15 December, 2018) Politicians ignore the young at their perilThe Sydney Morning Herald. 

Blog Posts

Fabian Cannizzo and Nick Osbaldiston (27 November, 2018) Awaiting a Sociology of Global AcademiaThe Sociological Review.

Fabian Cannizzo (3 December, 2018) the shifting rhythms of academic work. On Education. 

Fellow member, and previous Executive member, Kirsten Harley, who is living with Motor Neuron Disease, shares with us why she recently chose a tracheostomy AND laryngectomy ‘On Deciding to Keep Living with MND: A Triptych‘.

Fabian Cannizzo (13 December, 2018) The Cultural Economy of Creative WorkThe Social Thinker. 


Week 6 guest star: James Avanitakis –  “Stop worrying about the small stuff and start worrying about the big stuff” You can access the micro-vlog on Zoei & Ben’s 2 Minute Truths website.


Zoei Sutton and Nick Pendergrast (26 November, 2018) Pets and Animal LiberationFreedom of Species, 3CR 855AM 

Nicholas Hookway (23 November, 2018) The impact of loneliness on menABC Hobart.

Nicholas Hookway (13 December, 2018) Australian men are prone to loneliness. Presented as part of Social Sciences Week. ABC Radio, Big Ideas.


Lesley Pruitt et al. (25 November, 2018) Key Findings on Empowering Young Women’s Leadership and Advocacy in Asia and the Pacific. This video is part of the YWCA and Monash Gender, Peace & Security Centre’s research project on Mobilising Young Women’s Leadership and Advocacy in Asia and the Pacific.