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Spotlighting sociologists for hire: Annetta Mallon

Last year, TASA created a ‘Sociologists Looking for Work‘ registry, to help connect members looking for work with people looking to hire tutors, research assistants, consultants, and more. We will be doing regular spotlights on sociologists looking for work. This post is part of that spotlight series… 

Annetta Mallon is a social researcher, Thanadoula, with a strong track record of positive academic outcomes combined with both teamwork and independent task completion within parameters. Dr Mallon is currently conducting an international research project with End Of Life (EOL) Doulas in four countries. She teaches and writes lectures/courses in the areas of social research methods; health, illness and biomedicine; risk and change in the 21st century; diversity, sexualities and gender; and end of life.

Dr Mallon’s area of expertise also include Ageing, Arts, Bodies and Embodiment, Communication, Community Research, Development and Social Change, Family, Intimacy and Relationships, Feminism, Health, Knowledge, Language and Society, Media, Communication, Information and Public Opinion, Medicine, Mental Health and Illness, Methodology, Qualitative research, Risk, Social Movements, Collective Action and Social Change, Teaching Sociology, Visual Sociology, and Women in Society.

Dr Mallon, who has experience in unit coordination, teaching, and research, is looking for work in teaching (tutorials, seminars, lectures, marking), research (qualitative experience) and consultancy.

You can email Dr Mallon find out more details via her website.