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February wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Kathleen Flanagan, Chris Martin, Julie Lawson & Keith Jacobs (February 6, 2019) Is social housing essential infrastructure? How we think about it does matterThe Conversation. 

Natalier, K. (2019). Australia’s Child Support System Facilitates Economic AbusePower to Persuade.

Waling, A. (2019). Fear of discrimination stops LGBTI Australians from seeking mental health supportStar Observer. 

Waling, A. (2019). Better supporting LGBTI people in crisis. The Courier. 05.02.2019.

Ana-Maria Bliuc, Andrew Jakubowicz & Kevin Dunn (January 30, 2019) Racism in a networked world: how groups and individuals spread racist hate onlineThe Conversation. 

Deborah Lupton (7 February, 2019) Why are Australians still using Facebook? The Conversation. 

Lisa Denny (20 February, 2019) Choosing a career? These jobs won’t go out of style. The Conversation.

Hannah McCann & Lucy Nicolas  (18 February, 2019) Gender troubles​Inside Story.

Kate Huppatz, JaneMaree Maher et al. (17 February, 2019) ‘Another level’: Why Meghan has been cast as a villainThe Sydney Morning Herald. 

Raewyn Connell (February, 2019) The Problem With a Fight Against ‘Toxic Masculinity’The Atlantic. 

Andrew Singleton (27 February, 2019) After Pell, the Catholic Church must undergo genuine reform. The Conversation.

Gavin Smith (19 February, 2019) Why we fear snakes – and it’s not because they kill usThe Canberra Times. 


Kirsten Harley (5 February, 2019) The NDISKirsten Harley, Living with MND. 

Ruth Jeanes, Ramón Spaaij & Jonathan Magee (5 February, 2019) Football, Healing, and Mental Health RecoverySportsocs.

Lesley Pruitt & Erica Rose Jeffrey (4 February, 2019) Dancing through the dissonance: The body politic in 2019. BroadAgenda. 

Kirsten Harley (8 January, 2019) Six years! Kirsten Harley, Living with MND. 

Fabian Cannizzo (February 2019) The Implicit Data Pedagogy of Platform AcademiaThe Social Thinker. 

Kirsten Harley (26 February, 2019) Next gen MND awareness

Deborah Lupton (23 February, 2019)  Re/imagining Personal Data Workshop: Call for participants

Deborah Lupton (22 February, 2019) Vitalities Lab is go!

Erik Aslaksen (22 February, 2019) B1 Evolution and system


Dina Bowman (20 February, 2019) Economic Security – 45+ is when age discrimination starts to creep in to the workforceABC Radio (from 1:35.35 mark)

Greg Martson (18 February, 2019) Income Management in Context: An Introduction to Conditional Welfare. Income Management Study.

Keith Jacobs (February 2019) Housing and Financialisation (from 1:31 min) International Journal of Housing Policy.


Sarah Gregson and Elizabeth Humphry (2019). The West Gate Project

Greg Martson et al. Income Management Study You can follow the team on Twittertoo.

Renata Kokanović Health Network