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March wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Mair Underwood and Rebecca Olson (2019) ‘Manly tears exploded from my eyes, lets feel together brahs’: Emotion and masculinity within an online body building community.Journal of Sociology.

Karla Elliott (2019) Negotiations between progressive and ‘traditional’ expressions of masculinity among young Australian menJournal of Sociology.

Adrian Franklin, Barbara Barbosa Neves, Nicholas Hookway, Roger Patulny,Bruce Tranter, and Katrina Jaworski (2019) Towards an understanding of loneliness among Australian men: Gender cultures, embodied expression and the social bases of belongingJournal of Sociology.

Maho Omori (2019) Book Review: Hanne Marlene Dahl, Struggles in (Elderly) Care: A Feminist View. Journal of Sociology. 

Bryan S. Turner (2019) Book Review: John Carroll, Land of the Golden Cities: Australia’s Exceptional Prosperity and the Culture that Made It. Journal of Sociology. 

Bryan S. Turner (2019) Book Review: Giuseppe Giordan and Adam Possamai, Sociology of Exorcism in Late Modernity. Journal of Sociology. 

Ashleigh Watson (2019) Book Review: Les Back and Shamser Sinha, Migrant City.Journal of Sociology. 

Kim Toffoletti & Catherine Palmer (2019) Sport, Gender & Feminism in AustraliaJournal of Australian Studies. Published online: 01 Mar 2019

Kim Toffoletti & Catherine Palmer (2019)Editorial: Women and Sport in Australia—New Times? Journal of Australian Studies, 1-6.

Fiona McLachlan (2019) It’s Boom Time! (Again): Progress Narratives and Women’s Sport in AustraliaJournal of Australian Studies, 7-21.

Olive, R. (2019). The Trouble with Newcomers: Women’s Experiences of Localism in SurfingJournal of Australian Studies, 39-54.

Jennifer E. Cheng (2019) Religiosity, Integration and Sport: Muslim Women Playing Australian Rules FootballJournal of Australian Studies, 55-70.

Kirsty Forsdike, Anne-Maree Sawyer & Timothy Marjoribanks (2019) “I’m Not a Vet!” Marginalisation and Practices of Resistance to Ageing by Women Hockey PlayersJournal of Australian Studies, 87-102.

Kim Toffoletti & Catherine Palmer (2019) Sport, Alcohol and Women: An Emerging Research Agenda,  Journal of Australian Studies, 103-117.

Hebe Schaillée, Ramon Spaaij, Ruth Jeanes, & Marc Theeboom (2019) Knowledge Translation Practices, Enablers, and Constraints: Bridging the Research–Practice Divide in Sport Management. Journal of Sports Management. 

Cui, A., Lancaster, K., Newman, C. (2019) Making the subject of mental health care: a cross-cultural comparison of mental health policy in Hong Kong, China and New South Wales, Australia. Published online in Sociology of Health and Illness on 1 March 2019. [free view:]

Cheng, Jennifer E. 2019. “Religiosity, Integration and Sport: Muslim Women Playing Australian Rules Football.” Journal of Australian Studies 43 (1): 55–70.

Helen Cahill & Julia Cook (2019) From Life-course Expectations to Societal Concerns: Seeking Young Adults’ Perspectives on Generational Narratives. Young.

Chesters, J. & Cuervo, H. (2019) Adjusting to the new employment landscape: Consequences of precarious employment in Australia.  Accepted by The Economic and Labour Relations Review. DOI:

Cuervo, H., Chesters, J. Aberdeen, L. (2019) Social capital and post-school aspirations in regional Australia.Australian Educational Researcher

Pruitt, Lesley J.  2019. “Closed due to ‘Flooding’? UK Media Representations of Refugees and Migrants in 2015-16—Creating a Crisis of Borders.” British Journal of Politics and International Relations.  

Olive, R. (2019). The Trouble with Newcomers: Women’s Experiences of Localism in SurfingJournal of Australian Studies, 39-54

Nicole Pepperell (2018) “Beyond Reification: Reclaiming Marx’s Concept of the Fetish Character of the Commodity”, Contradictions: a Journal for Critical Thought, vol. 2.

Ruby Grant, Kim Beasy & Bianca Coleman (2019) Homonormativity and celebrating diversity: Australian school staff involvement in gay-straight alliances, International Journal of Inclusive Education, DOI: 10.1080/13603116.2019.1592249

Amy Thomas, Hannah McCann, Geraldine Fela, 2019. ‘In this house we believe in fairness and kindness’: Post-liberation politics in Australia’s same-sex marriage postal survey’, Sexualities (online first),

Matthew Wade (2019) Tactics of the ‘Ugly Australian’: Morality, masculinity, nationalism and governance amid a cheating controversy in sportJournal of Sociology.

Lyall, B (2019) ‘Fitness for sale: The value of self-tracking in secondhand exchange’, The Information Society 35(3) DOI:10.1080/01972243.2019.1582569 / URL:

Johnston-Ataata, K. (2019) ‘Space and the navigation of intimacy in intergenerational Tongan-European Australian relationships during partnering and early parenthood.’ Emotion, Space and Society. (Published online 8th March 2019)

Hughes, M., Whitaker, L. and Rugendyke, B., 2018. ‘I would call it a social capital building exercise’: the nature of networks that enable women with a refugee background to access sustainable employment in regional AustraliaJournal of Social Inclusion9(2), pp.73-85.

JaneMaree Maher, Sian Supski, Jan Wright, Deana Leahy, Jo Lindsay & Claire Tanner (2019) Children, ‘healthy’ food, school and family: the ‘[n]ot really’ outcome of school food messages, Children’s Geographies, DOI: 10.1080/14733285.2019.1598546. Note, 50 eprints free

Val Colic-Peisker, Ling Deng (2019). Chinese business migrants in Australia: Middle-class transnationalism and ‘dual embeddedness’. Journal of Sociology. 

Khan, M 2019, ‘Contested ground: network governance in Australia’s migration industry’ International Migration.


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Hopwood, M., Drysdale, K., & Treloar, C. (2018). ‘Sunshine on a rainy day’: Crystal methamphetamine use among gay and bisexual men in Perth. Centre for Social Research in Health, Sydney: UNSW Sydney, Australia. DOI:10.26190/5be39b00ad585