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Spotlighting sociologists for hire: Ron Baird

Ron Baird’s  research interests are in the areas of youth cultures, youth deviancy, urban sociology, community studies, practice theory and informal learning. Ron completed their PhD in December 2018 at the Youth Research Centre, MGSE at the University of Melbourne. Ron’s PhD study investigated how young people, primarily young males, learn the practice of graffiti writing. Ron found that aspiring graffiti writers learn informally by observation and participation within a community of practice.

Ron’s areas of expertise include Bodies and embodiment, Community Research, Criminology, Deviance & Social Control, Culture and Cultural Policy, Digital Sociology, Education, Emotions and Affect, Law and Society, Methodology, Qualitative research, Teaching Sociology, Urban Sociology, & Youth. Ron has experience in unit coordination and is looking for work in Tutorials/Seminars, Teaching as well as Lectures, Marking, Research Assistance, Grant writing & Consultancy. You can contact Ron by emailing